Customize UI DVD to Mobile issue

Good morning,

I have two computers with DVDFab. I have it on mine, daughter saw it work and got it for her laptop.

On her laptop if I go into common settings, UI interface customize, options, I can under DVD to Mobile, “NEW”, select PVP and make a new profile, icon, etc., for a “new” PVP device. On my desktop computer PVP is not listed as a “new” option.

Also I noticed on the xml file that is placed in the My Documents folder for the customized UI, on my desk top anything that I put in the “do not show” column is gone in the xml file. However on her computer there are two listings, one that list what is “shown” inside DVD fab, one that list what is in the “do now show” column. So at the end of her custom .xml file the last few lines are the mobile devices she does not want to show inside DVDFab. Her custom xml file shows all the mobile devices, one section the ones she wants to show, one section, the last few lines, are the mobile devices she does not want to show. In my custom xml file it only shows the mobile devices I want to show. Any of the “don’t show” these devices are simply gone in the xml file.

I’ve tried clean install, removing all files, etc. Am I missing an obscure ini/xml/cfg file somewhere?

Or is this a bug?


Mine only list these in the DVD to Mobile “NEW”.


The other thing I noticed if I use the “Up” and “Down” options to move mobile devices up and down the list. Close DVDFab and reopen it as it asks to do, the mobile devices are all moved to the “Don’t show” column and I have to redo the selection process.

i have 2 questions. (1) does DVDfab support 64bit? (im a paid user, but looking to upgrade to 64 bit and curious about this issue)… (2) Since 32bit and 64bit Vista have issues with burning software out thier (i was able to get a copy of SONIC off my laptop that came preinstalled with vista, to use on my desktop but its not all that good)… ANYWAY-> why not advance DVDfab to support Also plain CD/DVD copy of normal data disks to. This way DVDfab becomes more then just Movie software, it also becomes CD/DVD burning software which is much cheaper then NERO and ROXIO seem to have. they both want like $80 dollars for their stuff, and the trial software ive tried of their software seems to have bugs in it under vista…

Just a thought. (but dont forget any answers to 64bit vista support w/DVDfab is needed, thanks.


Hi chuck,

You might stand a better answer if you ask the question in its own thread. Just a suggestion.

Okay the other thing I noticed is if I rename a mobile device in the edit screen, the new name/text for the ipod and the psp don’t “stick”. The new name doesn’t display in the DVDFab main menu.

Seems like no matter what I try that “show text” for the PSP and the Ipod won’t work. It defaults back to “iPod” and “PSP”. If I create a new device in the xml file, dvd fab just crashes.

TIP text doesn’t work either.

No matter what I type in the edit screen for iPod and PSP DVDFab shows the default text.

However for PVP devices both show text and tip text seem to work.

Figured part of this out. “New” only shows what is in the “No show” column. So if you move PVP into the don’t display column, it is then listed in the “New” device selection. Not really a bug but not really all that usable IF you have more than one PVP device. The reason my daughter has so many “new” devices where as I didn’t is she only had an iPod and a PSP. So she had moved pvp, etc., into the no show column.

The show text, tip text, not displaying for iPod/PSP does however seem to be a bug.


Sorry I can’t help you out but I wanted to thank you for putting a smile on this old mans’ face.

Glad I could help with the smile. Just how did I do so?

Just with no help comming in it seemed as if you were talking to and helping yourself.
Sorry if I was rude. Wish I could help.

Not rude. I was just curious how I helped with the smile. While the dvd to mobile ui is rightfully low on a list of fixes/functions, making the main purpose of the program work is certainly a higher priority, it is a bit frustrating when you get going actually using and configuring the program the UI stuff is a bit frustrating.

We should be able to add more than one similiar device and configure it.

The Archos and the Zen are both cataloged under PVP.

I agree that the UI for DVD to Mobile is not really intuitive (but it works well if you know where to look). Shouldn’t iPod be in with the other PVPs? Or, given its popularity and large assembly of profiles, a category unto itself? I think this appearance has to do with the way that part of DVDFab has evolved. It started with just a few profiles, with more being added in future releases. It may be that this could be changed by the user with some work in the profile document and UI customizer, but as the UI is currently configured, if you add more than 7 “devices” the top one scrolls up and is gone. :confused:

Maybe the UI Settings will get some attention. :slight_smile: