Custom vs 'Out of the box'

Hi…I am interested in everyone experience:

I have been using custom settings in clone cd 4…for game cd protections…like SD2, Securom etc

What do you prefer custom settings or default game cd option in clonecd 4…and why?? one causing more problems coasters or other failures


I prefer the default Game Cd option in clonecd 4. It works more times than not. For the exceptions it’s easy to just set up another profile to test and try. But since you’re asking,…the default Game CD option rulez!! :smiley:

well just tried to use Game CD…option much slower with SD2

Why, do you think? IBSS? Default EC is Software and has to figure out that it needs Hardware? Retries is too high at 3? "Regenerate Data Sectors is “on”? (This slowed me down by 20-30% - I don’t use it for new titles). Audio reading is set to 8x?

The default profiles are not intended to get the fastest results but to ensure a good read. Therefore it can indeed sometimes be slower than setting up your own Profile. Because I have to review certain CD-RW drives I set-up my own Profiles so I can compare the results. Until now I haven’t used the default Profiles at all :slight_smile:

Futureproof…I agree all the additional things that are done…IBSS, check for FES and regenerate data sectors must be slowing the read times down…obviously certain protections need different settings…
Interesting…my liteon started off with software fes the first time I did a SD2 game…then log said it switched to hardware fes…but still fes was very slow…I guess the other scanning that was done at the sam time slowed things down

Clearly the game cd profice is an all inclusive setting and should do great for almost any protection…

but I like the performance of my custom settings…think I will stay with them…

MOHAA…gamecd with LTD163 8-10 min read vs SD2…FES only

i use the profiles when i am in a hurry …and when i have time I like to experiment with settings from this forum