Custom size of 4740 MB

A few weeks ago furballi said that CloneDVD could be used to set a custom size of 4740 for DVDs. I was able to use this successfully for a few weeks, but now it won’t work any more. (Burning at DVD-5 still works fine).

I thought the problem might have been caused by a change I made to my CloneDVD registry settings. I changed the reg value for the key


so that the program would load with Custom size 4740 automatically selected (I got too lazy to manually set it each time).

Shortly afterwards I lost the ability to successfully burn at that value: CloneDVD now analyzes the files to 100% and then stops with an error message before it can begin to burn. (Sorry, I can’t recall the exact error, but it was something like “WriteDVD 10 14 W2”. I also am not entirely sure whether I had successfully burned any discs at the custom size since making the reg edit, so this theory could be completely groundless).

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program (thus restoring the default settings), but still am unable to burn at 4740.

All along I have been using blanks from the same stack of Mitsumi DVD+R discs, so I have more or less ruled out media as the problem.

Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks