Custom Resolution Question

I’m not readily at my computer, but in regards to custom resolutions, I want to add these resolutions, but dunno the height, these are based on AutoGK settings.

512xXXX (4:3 movies)
608xXXX (16:9 movies)

704xXXX (2 CDs)
640xXXX (1 CD)

720xXXX (Max. Quality)

Since I don’t know the height, is there any special command that DVDFab can pick it up based on that width?

Just answering my own question for reference for anyone that wants to know… if you have a specific resolution say… 640x??? where you want a list of correct ratios, use the term ‘list’ and it will output the height automagically. DVDFab is quickly becoming my new favorite application :smiley:

The “list” argument is not in some device-specific profiles when the target device has limited ability to support. DVDFab will also select the closest available size after cropping, e.g. 480x270 automatically becomes 480x206 for cropped 2.35:1 anamorphic content.