Custom Menus with DVD2One

Hi all:
Ever since I found Dvd2One I have greatly admired the compressor engine behind it. However, I have been backing up films for close to a year now (I’m up to around 150) using the tried-and-true CCE-DVDMaestro method. However, I must admit that Dvd2One’s speed is remarkable. I have been beating myself up recently whether to switch to Dvd2One. However, I can’t live without the custom menus which I love so much. Only the DVDMaestro method allows that. Using Dvd2One pretty much makes a DVD which plays like a VCD.

So my question is this: is it possible to rip a movie in file mode using DVD Decrypter, process it with Dvd2One, and then somehow demux the film out of the Vobs which Dvd2One creates into a m2v and AC3 file to then author as normal with DVD Maestro? I think this would be the best solution but I have no clue how to do it or even what utils to use. I have never used IFOEdit or IFOUpdate and don’t know a thing about messing with VOBS. If anyone can help me out or shoot down my idea I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

P.S. I have no interest in compressing and using the menus which come with a film. I only like using my own since this saves more space on the DVD-R and allows for a higher bitrate.

I post a thread similar to yours there :

At the beginnig i want to do do like you want, my OWN menu with sound, cahpter and subtitle menu …
But with menu edit you can “customized” the original menu to keep only what you want …

I try it and it’s a great tool, it works fine. Anyway i’m not expert with IfoEdit to remove a link to a vob sequence, or even more to get the VTS begin sector … and most of all i’m a bit lazy, so i didn’t works a lot on that way to do menu, but i should be great !

You can very easily use DVD2one to reencode the movie, then demux the video/audio and reauthor with DVDMaestro.

Jdobbs, what utility would someone use to demux the video and audio out of the vobs which dvd2one creates? I would think you could use DVD Decrypter but it only recognizes mounted disks and I do not want to go to the trouble of mounting those vobs using Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%. What else is there?

P.S. Thanks for the responses.

There are several to choose from. The free ones include VOBEDIT and BBDemux (it comes with BBTools I think). They (and others) are both downloadable from

Thanks a bunch for the heads up. I’m heading over to pick these up right now. Which one is the best/fastest in your opinion? I know you’ve been around longer in the DVD-backup world than I have. Any favorites?

Get VOBEDIT – it does lots…

Thanks again. I just thought of something though. Following my proposed method would remove the nice alignment and subtitle ripping which Dvd2one does. Unless VOBEDIT can demux subtitles and sync it with the m2v file?

This may help.