Custom lable making

Can anyone tell me if there is a guide or tutorial on how to place artwork and or photos onto a CD template to make my own lables. I can only seem to be able to transfer one photo but not multiple photos. :confused:

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Which label software are you using?

Depends on the software you are using. If you want you can obviously use programs like paintshop to make layered pictures, then just save the image and use that in your label printing program (Like Acoustica, or canon labelprint).

Not sure if this is what you need, but you can try Banner Maker Pro 6. It’s a free trial that will let you layer and fade photos to blend in. After creating the collage, you can then save them to “My Pictures”, for further use. Hope this helps.


P.S. You may look at the banner on my gaming site to see an example of what it can do for you. Keep in mind though, i’m a beginner and results may yield better for you if you know what you’re doing.


I am using software by VSO but the guide does not offer much detail on how to use it.

Thanks to all of you for the information. At least I know now what type of software I need.

Look in to SureThing CD/DVD Labeler.