Custom karaoke cd`s

new burners that will work with cdrwin 3.9k.preferably an dvd burner.thanks

My girlfriend’s father is a karaoke DJ. He uses a Plextor PlexWriter Premium . Unfortunately, the PlexWriter Premium has reached EOL status meaning it’s no longer produced or supported. You might get lucky on eBay.

The only problem I can see for you using a PlexWriter Premium is the lack of any DVD recording capability. I believe most of Plextor’s drives fully support CD+G reading and writing. Not so sure about the PX-740 drives since they’re relabeled BenQ drives.

If you had to get a drive now, I would suggest the PX-716UF . The drive is external supporting IEEE 1394 and Hi-Speed USB interfaces. A lot of people (including myself) have had problems with the other PX-716 drives. You could do a quick forum search to see if any problems have occurred with the PX-716UF.

If karaoke isn’t your livelyhood, I believe a few other drives might support CD+G reading and writing, but I wouldn’t count on it. You might want to read the cdfreaks reviews on recent drives. Maybe you’ll find what you need there. Hope this helps!

thanks for the advice