Custom CD mount

Hello All,

I need a little help. I am trying to mount the guts (laser head and sled and the disc spinning motor) of a Plextor 708a drive in my Powerfile C200. I have figured out all of the mechanical challenges but I still have one problem. Although the drive, mounted in the Powerfile and connected to the IDE to Firewire bridge, is seen by Windows; when a disc is loaded the drive never spins up.

My question is this, there is a small micro-switch on the drives controller board. It looks like this switch serves to tell the drawer transport mechanism when the drawer is open or closed. What I wonder is if this switch also signals the OS (via the IDE interface) to spin up the disc.

Can anyone here tell me if this is correct. Also is there anything else this switch might signal the OS about (drawer open maybe)?


I don’t know. However, I wouldn’t expect it to notify the OS to spin up the disc. Operation, including door open, door close, eject, spin-up etc, would all be self contained. When inserting a disc, the drive should spin up, recognize the disc, and then forward the pertinent info to the OS.