Custom Booktypes Possible?

Please tell me if this is physically possible (even if not practical).

Here is the setup. I wantto make a custom disc, say I wrote an OS (or even compiled a custom Linux kernel), and I wanted a specific disc type for the system.

Would there be a way to hack the firmware of my burner to make the bitsetting a custom value (as opposed to DVDROM, DVD-R, etc)? Say I have already made my OS look for a booktype of “BRYDVDROM”. Would there be a way to force my burner to only make discs with that booktype? I know they would only be able to be written by my writer, and read by other writers with that firmware. Is this possible?

What you are asking for is impossible, since the booktype field is not alphanumerical but a four-bits field (allowing 16 possible values from 0 to 15). So it has no sense speaking about a booktype “BRYDVDROM”.

However, only 8 of the 16 possible values in the booktype field are currently used, I don’t know if there is a way to “force” a value that does not correspond to any of the current values, and if this could actually have some practical utility.

For more info, take a look at this page of the Wikipedia. :slight_smile:

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Booktype and bitsetting means that you can make changes that will cause a “plus” disc (L, DL or RW) to be seen as a DVD-ROM by the reading drive, nothing more…
What you refer is more like giving the disc a name, and that you can do when you use text (like CD-text) or when you format a RW you are asked for a name to it.
K3b can do it - the names - for normal DVDs (- or +). Don’t know about RWs because don’t use them.