Curtis lcd?



i am wanting to get my wife a small tv for the bedroom. Her 20 year old rabbit ear set is not going to be working much longer. I was at hhgregg and they had a ton of these stacked on the floor. . I had one salesperson tell me it was going to be a black friday item. Has anyone heard of them? any good for a basic lcd tv that is just going to have a coax from basic cable ran to it? I am looking to spend around $200 for a tv for her and would like it to be around 19". I did see that target has the westinghouse 22" that is going to be on sale also after thanksgiving. any suggestions? or knowing where any good deals are brick and mortor if possible…


Your main source of information would be user reviews just to avoid any known issues with particular models. For the most part, there should be no huge difference between models of this size in this price range. As with any TV, it always a good idea to see it in person before purchase.