Cursor or Kodak?


The has 100 pack Kodak DVD+R and Cursor DVD-R and DVD +R on sale. I just dont know which brand to go for! I usually burn movies and am bit new at DVD burning. So any suggestions welcome :smiley:

What speed are they? Personally, I wouldn’t buy anything Kodak as you never know what company made the disks - I always like to know the MID (Manufacturer ID) of what I am going to receive. From what I have been able to research, Cursor use GSC media :Z, and the only good media that Kodak uses, at least that will work properly, is CMC Mag (8x), Prodisc (4x & 8x) and the exceptional Taiyo Yuden (8x).

I would personally only buy the Kodak’s if you’re absolutely certain that you’re going to get the 8x speed Taiyo Yuden’s.

I’m pretty positive Kodak uses discs with a faked Taiyo MID, not the official stuff. You certainly want to avoid that.

Neither is a good choice, with Kodak you’ll get either decent (CMC MAG. E01) or poor (MPOMEDIA, VDSPMSAB, fake YUDEN). Cursor seems to use media from GSC (not great when burnt at 8x, but excellent at 4x) for their DVD-R, and it is unknown what they use for +R.

Couldn’t you just buy some Verbatim?

Cursor is almost entirely GSC, which can be decent.

Kodak is 100% B or worse grade crap, and I can sure you that the “Taiyo Yuden” is fake.

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I was just glancing at the site and can’t seem to find your aforementioned Kodak or Cursor DVD media on their site; it seems that they aren’t very good quality media anyway as the above posters have commented. I, however, did find that they do sell Sony 8X DVD “+” and “-” R and Maxell 8X +R online. Irregardless, of the Brand that is slapped on the front, the mediaID of the DVD media is what is going to tell you if it is “quality” media or not. While you are getting the hang of which brand is going to have which mediaID, it probably is best for you to stick with Verbatim brand Made in Taiwan, Sony brand that is Made in Japan, Maxell that is Made in Japan or TDK brand. BTW, what kind of burner do you have?

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Yeah well verbatim is bit costly and my budget is bit tight right now. I wish I had bought maxell pack when it was on sale. There is another deal by Philips ->

So do you think phillips will do?

Thanks to all who answered by post. I have MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-841S driver ( I hope thats DVD burner). I use NERO 6 to burn media.

drcy -> you can see the deals here -

Thanks again

Well, if you are going to choose between Kodak DVD+R, Cursor DVD-R or Philips DVD-R and you are burning primarily movies then stick with the Philips DVD-R as they could possibly be MCC. I would really rather not recommend either Kodak or Cursor as eventhough you might save a little money initially but cheap media is cheap media for a reason and you might get unexpected fast deterioration of the burned movies; in the future stick with the better media as in the long run they will save you time, money and the frustration of cheap media.

And this is, minud, the best advice you will ever get about media. :clap:

Unless you find a very particular burner/cheap media combination that works, (like NEC/CMC, Benq/MBI…), going cheap will almost always cost you MORE in the end.

If you really, really want to go cheap, you need to ask advice for your particular burner. No cheap media will work OK with all burners, far from it. Actually even the best discs have their drive preferences, but with cheap discs the drive/media combination is paramount and not taking it into account is a big mistake.

Good luck :wink:

go to your local Walmart to check whether they still have Maxell 8X DVD+R in stock, which were selling it at $27.xx. If you are lucky enough, you can either buy it there or do the price match at Futureshop, then the price will be around $25.
If you want to do the 110% price match at Futureshop, you have to prepare well, show them your evidence.
Also, try to pick Maxell 8X DVD+R which is made in Japan, the MID is Maxell002, it is pretty good media

Or LG/MBI… :bigsmile:

And yeah, MAXELL002 is excellent media, at least on both my LGs…:wink:

Yeah, but I think you refer to the TDK-branded MBIPG101 R04, disc that I’d hardly call “cheap media” :wink: (top-notch discs!)- I was thinking or the MMore, Intenso, or unbranded MBI… :slight_smile:

Before yesterday, I would have been referring to the TDK-branded ones :slight_smile: - but I bought some Imation branded MBIPG101 R04, and so far they’ve been just as good as the TDKs! Good job too, as I got 33% (17 discs) free :bigsmile:

Edit: I don’t think I’ve ever seen MMore, or Intenso brands here!

Good news. :cool:

MMORE MBIL is ok not as good as TDK but then again TDK doesn’t work as good for me as Philips MBIL.
Only the RICOH MBIL disc’s gave me problems on some drives.
But with the right hardware these can burned good as well but I think the burners features like SOLIDBURN, WOPC and so might actually safe it !

Thanks for the hint about these discs, :slight_smile: indeed with SB ON for known media they burnt great in my Benq 1650. I had only acceptable burns with them before trying that.

BTW you mention the Philips-branded ones as being even better than the TDK-branded ones, gee they must be really outstanding! I’ll try to test a couple. :iagree:

:flower: I have same questions since is offering cheap deals. So I duno if these medias are worth it.Below is ComStar Brand, is that worth the money or not also? And how do u find or check for the Media Type ID or MID (Manufacturer ID) and disitinguish it?
Comstar 50pack
ComStar 100 pack
I have a Plextor PX-716A burner…

You can only check the media code after opening the package and looking at a disc, if the shop doesn’t tell you the media codes.
Googling could, of course, help, if other shops have ComStar.