Currupted ASPI layer

Had a look at Nero Info tool yesterday
Told me that my system ASPI layer was corrupted (the Nero one is fine)

What’s the best way to repair?
I’ve heard of a prog called ForceASPI (?) is that the best way to go?
Is it better to remove the ASPI layer and reinstall? (if so, what’s the best way and where would I get it from)

Thanks :slight_smile:

that happens. i doubt your aspi layer is damaged at all. but, all you need to do is serach you system for those 4 files and delete them. i prefer the 460 aspi - the 471x have ‘issues’. aspichk will then look like this

Yes. Using the search feature you’ll be able to find many answers on this subject.
Google ( for ForceASPI 1.7 ) will find you the sources in no time.
D/l , unpack it wherever you like & just double-click on INSTASPI.