Curriculum Vitae in English

Hi everyone,

I need help… I applied for a new job in a Japenese company here in France and it seems to go in the right direction… I am having one last meeting with the Chairman tomorrow and I am asked to come with an English version of my CV. I spent sometime in the US but that was 15 years ago so I forgot how to right a CV in English.
Can any of you point me to a good site with examples of CV in English ?


You write quite well in English already :slight_smile:
You might try this site

Thanks a lot Dee-27, that’s just what I need.

Hey bichonn. You can also google search for US university career service. Keywords such as “harvard career”, “cornell career”, “mit career”, etc. Then browse in there to see samples and different resume/CV formats. The last time I went to my university’s office of career service, they made me revise my CV for 4 times, it was a lot of work.