Currently The Best DVD Burner for the Money?



I am replacing a Lite-on DVD burner that is giving me problems writing to TDK DVD+R media (CMC E01 00) and also inconsistant burns on DVD-R media. I want to get the best all around drive, but I do not want to spend alot of money. I need it to be compatible with alot of media (not picky). I will be purchasing it from NEWEGG and they have alot of drives below fifty bucks. I just do not know which one to buy…NEC, BENQ,Pioneer, Plextor, Samsung, LG. There is just to many choices. Is one manufacturer better then the others? I have read that the NEC 3500 is a good drive. Is there any better drives now? Please point me in the the right direction if you can. Thanks.


the nec 3500 was a good drive a year ago.
don’t get me wrong, it still is good (especially @8x) but there are newer models out there that burn just as well and can do DL burning also.

I have both experience with the Nec3540 (great with MCC003 media) and the Benq 1640 (great with yuden T02)
check out the nec and benq forums to see the comments on both drives
especially the benq has recently got some nice new features like solidburn (which enables the drive to learn how to burn unrecognised media in a good way)


For me, I would say the BenQ1640. It has some features with QSuite2 that rival my Plextor 716a, yet costs $38.99 compared to the 716a’s cost of $122. The biggest plus to the 1640 is full burn quality scanning with free software like CD-Speed, so all-around, it would be the best buy for my $$$.


Thanks for the replies everyone. I am go to look into the BenQ 1640.




My Liteon 1693S burns out great burns on anything I throw at it, and I burn with 7 different burners.


Hey Chas,
I finally decided to add a 2nd burner alongside my “oldie and still goodie” NEC2500A…and went with the 1693S. :clap: Can you (or others) tell me more reasons why I didn’t go wrong with this burner?
I mainly went with it bc I was seeking a burner that read better than the legendary NEC legendary quirks with reading sometimes…


About the only reason I can think of (and this is from my own reading) is that for one, the Liteon tends to be a very accurate scanner, in terms of doing burn quality scans, so with being able to use free software to do the burn scanning (KProbe), that’s pretty valuable in itself.

From my current reading, the 1693S is a noticeable improvement over the 1653S and better than the 1673…

It seems to burn the MCC004 (Verbatim 16x) the best of any burner I’ve seen (only 181 total PIF, and that’s the lowest I remember at 16x burn between Plextor, BenQ and Liteon).


I can also tell you that as CodeKing and the burns in the above forum are concerned, this is the ONLY burner to seem to ‘nail’ the MCC003 (Verbatim DVD+R 8x) write strategy. I’ve never seen so many <100 PIF totals on that mid in my life. If all you buy if MCC003, seems like you could get nothing but great burns, perhaps even close to those. :bigsmile:

It even does pretty well on OPTODISC0R8, considered a marginal mid for many.
It burns MBIPG101R04 (Imation DVD+R 8x) well, although this mid is currently being evaluated for its longevity (could be in doubt).
It appears at least in some cases, the SonyD11 and CMC MA mids are burned slightly better in the 1693S than in other burners… but I haven’t seen absolute conclusive proof of it from the scans (the SonyD11 quality seems to vary quite a bit).


thanks chas.
so, I guess it burns great but avoid the 16x burns on DVD+r? Per reviews I read…so very safe to have great burns at 8x?
Also, I have stack of TYG01’s-4x DVD-r, that I use on my 2500 and burn at 8x perfectly with hacked FW. Does 1693 burn 4x media at 8x at all???


I have seen the tyg01’s burned at 8x with the 1693 in the thread above (see “current reading”), but I don’t remember right offhand if you needed to apply Omnipatcher to get it, though…

By the way, I’m Quema34, not chas0039. :wink:


LOL, :o :o
I realized that as soon as I hit the “submit reply” button.
My apologies… :bow: I am severely underslept (as many a CD Freak can be sometimes LOL) and I had initially posted to chas and had reread my message to him before posting to your replies…
i better go sleep…

One last ?: guide me to reading /thread here about omnipatcher, or what is best FW for 1693 to do more? Thanks


Here’s the link for Omnipatcher; the best fw seems to be the most recent, KS0A. There is information and links also (I believe) about getting the KS0A firmware, with references to the “Omnipatcher” thread here at CDFreaks. :wink:


Looks like quema34 has answered all your questions. To put your mind to rest a little more, I have checked and my 1693 burns TY and Verbatim and TDK TTG02 equally as well as my NEC 3520, which is the best NEC currently available. When you add scanning, and fast ripping (not available on the NEC) it is the best choice for a single drive. Stick with 4X on your TYG01, I have tried and tried to get a great 8X burn on it and it just is not as good as the 4X.

Happy burning.


Thanks Chas,
I will take your advice and stick to 4x on my TYG01’s with the 1693…but I will probably keep burning those primarily on my NEC2500@8x :bigsmile:

I will use the 1693 for ripping, especially trouble discs, but will surely burn on it as well to give the 2500 “a rest”…

out of curiosity…how do you compare 2500 to the 1693,


I cannot really say as I have never burned with the 2500. My 3500 is better on some media and my 1693 is better on some. When you get your 1693, run some scans on the older media burns and see what you get.

My guidline for acceptable is a level scan with max levels under 15 or so. My total PIF should be under 250 and my total PIE should be under 75K. The 1693 does this with TYG01,TYG02,YUDEN000 T02, Ritek R03, TDK TTG02, and MCC 003 at 6X.

The NEC still does better with RICOHJPNW11 +RW.


Hehe Q, you forgot to read the LG forum, spesifically LG 4163 that can burn MCC004 @16x with 130 total PIF or less and burn time 5:35. :wink:


@ zevia:

My goodness!!! Is that pretty typical of your LG burning MCC 004’s … at freaking 16x?!! If so … YIKES!! Great chart btw in your sig. Looks like it does alright on TY T02 & TYG02 (compared to Benq 1620’s), but that MCC004 is phenomenol. :slight_smile:


Yep, I didn’t venture into the LG forum, unfortunately. :doh: However, if it helps any at all, I did check your signature and peruse the listings you had and saw what you were talking about with your LG burner. :wink: It was just by the time I finished that reading and searching, I was bound to have missed something. :stuck_out_tongue:


The 2500 can be crossflashed to a 2510A and is a very nice dependable drive. I had one until recently/too many drives! Go to the NEC forum and swim around awhile! LOL