Currently Ricoh good? Which MIDs?

I’ve read some posts where people say old Ricoh used to be good. What are the current MIDs and are they good? As what brands do they usually pop up?



DVD+R: Ricoh Gold tops will have a RICOHJPN R01 (4x), RICOHJPN R02 (8x) and RICOHJPN R03 (16x). Ricoh silver top 8x discs are MBIPG101 R04.

DVD-R: For gold tops these will be 8x CMC MAG AE1 and 16x will be CMC MAG AM3. Silver tops are FUJIFILM03 (8x)

I wouldn’t use the Ricoh silvers as Francksoy had problems with the MBI R04 discs degrading. Also, the Gold top +R discs are variable as they are made by Ritek in Taiwan and MBI in India. If you get a good batch, they should be good.

On the RW side Ricohs 8x +RW media is very good if you can find them.

So if I understand correctly, like Verbatim, Ricoh outsourced their production to Ritek & MBI and allow them to use the Ricoh MID?

Do they still actually produce themselves, MIJ?


Yes, Ricoh outsource using Ricoh MID on their Gold topped +R discs. IIRC, they only produce DL media themselves in Japan at the moment :slight_smile:

If you live in UK go get the RICOH 4x bargain at digitalpromo. Since they are in jewel cases it would cost me a fortune to have enough shipped otherwise i would have filled a room with them :smiley:

Those Ricoh 4x would be Ricoh MIJ manufacture?


No. RICOHJPN R01 is made in Taiwan by Ritek as well.
I just got three 5-packs of these for € 8.97 total (yesterday + tody), which was quite a good price for jewel-cased media… :slight_smile:

Just a quick precision: I had degradation issues [I]only[/I] with the Ricoh-branded MBIPG101 R04s. My other R04s (Imation, TDK) are rock stable. :cool: