Currently have NEC3500, thinking about BenQ1620



Lately my burns haven’t been so great with my NEC3500, ever since i started using Taiyo Yuden T02 from, and Fuji branded from Best Buy.

So i’m thinking about trying out a BenQ 1620 because of the many good reviews and threads about it. I currently have both my 3500 and Lite-on 832S in these Bytecc USB2.0 external enclosures:

I’m thinking about purchasing the OEM 1620 from Tigerdirect right here:

How do you think this will perform in one of the Bytecc enclosures i am currently running?

Thanks for the input


Internally, on one of your motherboard’s IDE controllers, the DW1620 should be great. But, with any external enclosures it’s hit or miss. The DW1620 is very picky with external enclosures. There are a few threads about such in this BenQ forum and I suggest you read them.


You might want to switch to -R. My 3500 has yet to find a code it doesn’t like (trash excepted of course).


sup chazz just saw you posted so i had to give a holla!!


I think i might purchase one off TigerDirect and install it in my current external enclosure. I figure if i get similar quality burns with the 1620, then i’m safe to say that my external enclosures aren’t the caues of my poor burns lately.

And if the burns with the BenQ are better, then i guess i got myself a nice burner :slight_smile:

Anyone else have any input?


U will have yourself an extremly pleasurable dvd writer . Welcome to the Benq comunity


You might want to flash the drive with the 47L9 firmware which is a firmware BenQ uses on its official external drives you can get the files at the unofficial BenQ firmware page.

You can use the latest firmwares too but the 47L9 as I understand has been tweaked for external usage so it “might” help if the drive doesnt co-operate well with the enclosures you have.


Thanks for the advice guys. I think i will order it tonight.


If you want 16X writing using an external case, you will need a USB 2/1394 combo case.
I recommend the Plumax with “Prolific” chipset from Dealsonic.

I have two of these & get 16X over Firewire with my BenQ DW1620>Ew1621 47L9. USB 2 transfer rate falls a bit short for 16X burns, but does great at 12X.
You must have the 47L9 BenQ firmware to achieve this.
Unless you have problems with drive recognition in Win XP, you probably do not have to concern yourself with Prolific firmware update (see Big External Enclosure thread/Recording Hardware).
Just one more note, this extenal case is so…so for HD’s. There are problems with delayed write when using with HD.


Thanks dishinit, i usually go for the most quality possible, so i try to stick to burning at 8X, so this enclosure hopefully works just for a while. I just need to see how the 1620 results compare to my NEC 3500’s. When i get the drive next week, i will flash 47L9 fw, and post some scans.


jdaman: first ques is what type of media do you burn ?? i only use +r and this benq has no equal for the +r media. another sugestion before you go the tiger route, how about the i/o magic ?? its a benq1620, you can get it for $49.00 - $59.00 after rebates at a local store. and if you have problems you can always walk the drive back to the store and get another. after rma’ing 2 nec 3500’s i only buy burners at retail, that way i can return without s/h and restocking fee. just my .02


I have both NEC 3500 and Benq 1620 and can hardly tell my Fuji Yuden T02 burns apart; they are always good to excellent (BTW the speed makes no difference, up to 16x with the NEC and up to 12x with the Benq always turn out good; have yet to try 16x using the new Benq firmware).
I have stopped using a USB2 enclosure because it could not keep up with the speed (anything over 4x was useless) and with the Benq it did not work at all.


Guys thanks for the input

cmisenko: I burn mostly +R media. The +R media that i have quite a bit stocked up is RICOHJPNR01, TYT02, and MCC004.

Xterminator: When you say you “anything over 4x was useless”, do you mean the burns over 4X were of bad quality? I have had really good luck with my NEC3500 and Lite-On 832S burners in external enclosures, up until about 2 weeks ago. Back then, i was able to burn at 12X in my 3500 with excellent quality in my ext. enclosure.

I’m hoping that its just my Lite-On went bad, and is just giving inaccurate burn results because all my recent burns have played flawlessly in my standalone dvd player.


Excuse me for jumping in, Just want to say I use a BenQ in an external case and get great burns at 12X over USB and 16X over Firewire. You need to get a Prolific 3507 Chipset combo case for this writer and use the 47L9 firmware on your BenQ.
There have been some device recognition problems with the 3507 (correctable) when using firewire & XP. There is a delayed write problem when using this case with HD…I do not know if this is correctable yet. So if your intent is to only house your Burner in it, this is the way to go.


dishinit, you have PM :wink:


Nope, just that the drive could not burn faster; I guess my USB2 enclosure was not fast enough, but the burns were always good on TY T02.
BTW. I bought a LiteOn 1633s first to be able to test burns, but it broke within two weeks and the quality was bad, so I exchanged it for a Benq 1620. I do not see much difference between Nec and Benq, but the Benq has Pi/Pif error reporting.