Current Youtube Movie and Video Index

I don’t know where this belongs:

On Youtube (etc.), movies come and go. People upload a terrific movie, countless people get to freely “enjoy” it, then poof someone pulls the plug and it’s gone. This leaves people wishing they would have “enjoyed” it, too. If you wait a while, it might even come back again, but not always. I could sure kick myself for not “enjoying” several movies I’ve seen go by.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an ongoing list of what’s there right now, and where? Or when something good was just pulled? It could also be a good place for a wish list. “Wait a minute, wasn’t such and such looking for wehatever? Here it is…!”

Anyone interested?

Not really. I use the one of the Youtube alternative sites (Veoh) and even though the selection isn’t nearly as good it is far more stable.

What do you mean by “stable”? I’ve tried other video sites before and found them to be either a scam wanting money, or a comedy of errors.

I don’t know how a list will go because as you say the movies come & go from YouTube or any of the video sites.
My main use of movies from YouTube is for movies that aren’t that available .
Or I don’t want to rent them .
They usually lack the quality I want. Mostly because they start out as a flash video.
I do think some of them improve with the right conversion.
Like the Blue Thunder Gaary posted the other day.
Once I got it the movie to play at YouTube I downloaded it first try.
I then converted it with AVStoDVD . I used the Mux MPEG2 File for output.
I ended up with a 4.32GB .mpg file.
What I like is that this process uses HCEnc . Which should help the quality.
I haven’t had time to play it yet. On my wide screen tv I usually get some artifacting but usually not too bad.
With a backup rip from DVD I almost never get this.
Of course even with satellite or cable sometime I’ve seen some poor quality when the weather was bad. So no worse than that.

I kind of figured quality was a factor. I agree to an extent, and that extent is the quality of my equipment, which isn’t the best in the world, but it works. I’ve gotten some very crisp and clear videos off Youtube; last week I was marveling how good one of the movies I burned looked on his setup. It was hard to believe it was a DL and that I burned it.

Naw, what I was meaning by a list is, if someone finds a rare (subjective term though) gem, they can let everyone else know that it’s there. They could also mention the quality of it. If it is rare enough, I accept just about any quality, just to see it again.

Here’s an example: “Barbarella” - Very good quality - just got pulled.

“The Good, Bad and Ugly” - very good quality - online now:URL_ (and it really is)


Sometimes a video will go, and I wish I got it, but if I wait long enough and check regularly, it just might come back. Such is the case with “Wait Until Dark”. -BUT- If there were a sort of running list going, it would be easier for everyone to watch for movies they have been looking for.

That’s my idea. I have a list of movies I “patrol” for; it would be good if such were listed here. Someone might find one, or find on who’s name was disguised with.dots.and.such. :bigsmile:

How about one not to bother downloading.
I DLed one called The Stonecutter . Sounded like one I would like.
I give it two thumbs down & more if I had more thumbs.

Thumbs down for quality or just the movie sucked?

Naturally, in cases of movies I’ve never seen before, I would watch first just to see if I like it. I’ve discovered a number of movies I really liked, too. If I’m watching it and I like it already, I’ll start a DL while I’m watching it, or I’ll watch the rest later.

I like a site called Vimeo, though I’m not a member there. The videos always play well, and in excellent quality. Its very good for short films and indie projects.

The quality was actually fairly good but the movie itself sucked.
The scenery was the best part. Story line if you can call it that .
Sucked would be a compliment.

I have a hard time sitting in my computer chair and watching videos of any length. The couch, however…the big-screen… Hubby running back and forth, between the Cleopatra-Palm-Frond-Fans over my dainty alabaster skin and the fireplace caldrons where he’d better not let MY kettlekorn get overdone again!

“Hey! Why does this grape having peel on the underside?!!”

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2687443]I have a hard time sitting in my computer chair and watching videos of any length. [/QUOTE]
That’s why I download the movie & convert it . My TV won’t play .flv .
Then to the external HDD . I plug it into the TV’s USB port & watch the movie from there.

We can stream into the TV but, if I start that, Hubby wants to verify that I haven’t created any new HITLER RANTS videos that refer to him again. He makes me waste soooo much time - first I make them, then he wants to search to see if I did (“Moi?!! Do something to humiliate YOU?!! Why, honey-!”) and then we stumble into David Blaine Parodies instead, none of which are suitable for children.

I really DO like the idea of an index except it’d have to be fairly limited or targeted.

If I subscribed to X number of Users, Channels or Keywords, then changes to those Groups would generate an entry into my own Index File.

I wouldn’t see YouTube-Wide Index Entries, just those changes to channels I was previously a subscriber to. It’d be like a voluntary Spam Folder, more or less.

What does burnt Kettle corn taste like?

Actually, it never entered my mouth. The smell reached me first. A few more cracks of the whip took care of it, though. Hubby’s not really a bad scullery maid, by the way, and he’s darned cute in that French upstairs maid outfit. The, uh, open-air backside does tend to show nail and fang marks, though. I try to be careful.

:clap:Laughing my arse off here! :slight_smile:

I suppose there could be parallel indexes of Hulu, Crackle, Vimeo, etc. Hey, if there’s a movie out there that I want, and it’s free, I don’t care where it is as long as it works.

It always seems like either the site doesn’t work well, or there’s nothing that interests me. Crackle, for example, has only had one movie that has ever interested me. Most of the time, nothing does. Likewise, if they have it set up so I can’t DL it, why bother? I AIN’T GONNA PAY!

Thus, my entheusiasm for Youtube (content).

Oh, and another thing that turns me off about all video sites, is some SPAM you to death! Even YT does that on some videos. Luckily, it’s stripped from DL’s though. Regardless, even on YT, there are limits. When I see 12 commercials on a 90 min video, I usually skip it. Nope, they gone too far.

Kerry 56 - What are “indie projects”?

Here’s a favorite indie project - funded by the film-makers. Meg Ramsey. It’s a “webisode” series, now going into Season 2.

It’s interesting to watch this ‘take off’ - one camera, one mike, shot in ‘real locations’ during real moments, usually.

nice site with youtube stuff :flower:

Eddit here is a cool movie i downloaded last month .