Current (US) B&M media in my 1650

I’ve learned a lot about DVD media and burning from this forum. I recently upgraded to the BenQ 1650 so I could scan my burns. Got ahold of some good SL media (TY02 and MCC004) on sale locally, and sure enough, I’m getting some great burns! :bow:
I needed some CDRs, so I read all I could find. As all of you know, it’s a crap shoot finding what you want! I did read some recommendations for Verbatim, but the pastels and super azo are not available locally. I bought a tub, and found them to be prodisc, which my burner does not like too well :Z I guess current verbs are either prodisc, or CMC (which worked a little better for me). Next up was Sony (non audio) which work quite well :slight_smile: The Sony music disks I could get are TY, and they burned the best. Kind of a surprise, I found some Ritek (from OD) that were between the Sony regular and Sony audio (TY) disks, and they were quite satisfactory. So, my order of preference would be:

Sony music (TY)

I’ve read that the 1650 is not the best for scanning CDRs, as it does not (accurately) read C2 errors, however, it’s better than nothing.
Sorry for the different scan rates, all new scans are done at max, as that seems like the standard.
From what I could find the best source for Riteks are Maxell, with TDK being made by Ritek or CMC. Anyone have an update on that, or a way to differentiate Ritek tubs from other media in TDK or some other brand (Memorex, OD etc)?

I have found Ritek CDs in Verbatim 50s at Officemax but there was no way to tell them from Prodisc. I would suggest you get your Ritek from They are often out of stock, but the 100s are usually under $15 delivered.


Why not get your Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s from Rima at

Should be able to get 100 delivered for around $30-

Thanks guys! I don’t like the plain silver tops…call me picky. But meritline has Ridata branded for a good price. The TYs are great, but the Ritek quality is perfectly acceptable to me, and the prices are better! Buying on sale locally is often a great deal, but if I can’t be (reasonably) sure of what I’m getting, I’ll order from the internet.

I’m sorry to disturb you, but RITEK R03 (Ritek 8x DVD+R)'s stability is questionable too… :frowning:
If you can get Verbatim media for a low price, those would be certainly the best choice.

KG, yup, I’m down with MCC004, and TY02, but this post was about CDRs . I found, with MY drive, that RITEK media performed quite well, and almost as good as the TY (for CDR media) see my scans above. Verbatim CDRs, at least in stores in the US, are a real mixed bag, Prodisc, or CMC, neither of which performed as well as RITEK!


The ‘old’ Ritek CD-R’s were very good medias (I still have about 75 or so left - and use them all the time) - and hopefully Ritek has [B]not[/B] done the same with the CD-R’s as they have done with their DVD’s by letting their quality controls go to hell in a handbasket-eh!

But only time and user experience will tell us that IMO- For myself personally - I will only buy Taiyo Yuden made CD-R’s in the future-

that’s why I want to see if anyone has bought Ritek CDRs lately (in US stores),
under what brand, if there was any way to tell them from other types of media that might be sold under that brand name. I want to see if thee media will consistently perform as well as it did for me. If I can get the Ritek disks locally, for almost HALF what TYs would cost (with shipping), I’d definitely use them!

A couple of days ago, I happened to pop in an old Dynex cdr into Smartburn. It said it was a Ritek. I bought those Dynex at BB about 8-12 months ago. This week’s, 7/23/06, BB ad has 50 Dynex cdrs for $5.99. What do you think? Could they be Ritek?

Dynex can be everything, sadly. Get Ridata or Maxell instead.


Get Ridata or Maxell
I have found Maxell CDs ( not DVDs) to be of excellent quality even better than Taiyo Yuden in some instances I have also had great luck with TDK Cds ( not DVDs) The TDKs are white tops and only 32X capable but the quality is excellent.

alan1476: Yes, older media is excellent, but NOT AVAILABLE.