Current THE Best Burner?

Confused on wat to get :o ,Wats THE best Buner to get now ?

is it the Pioneer ? …i need Great SL & DL burning,will be Using only Good TY media only.

pls Recommend on this,already have a Benq 1650 which i will be Giving it away to my cousin

i dont mind buying another IDE Burner,but i want THE best one :iagree:


LG GSA-H42N/H44N, Pioneer DVR-112… if you need good burning. Do you also need scanning?

burn & scan…can the pioneer scan ?

pls help guys :slight_smile:

Other than Lite-on will discontinued Plextor and BenQ. I mean real one. Like Plextor 716, 755, 760, BenQ 1640, 1650, 1655.

so u asking me to stay with the benq 1655 ? & not to go for a change ?

There is no one best burner. Just look at the drives in our sigs. One drive won’t do it all.

:iagree: :clap: