Current state of the battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD

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 With the  recent end to the  Blu-ray and HD DVD disc unification talks, it is clear that we are going to  have another format  war unless some last-minute deal happens.  Currently the...
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  1. Will PS3 be able to record on BluRay, or just play it? 2. Will the adoption of double (or more) layered blue laser disc (HD or Blu) be as difficult as the one for DVD (technical problems, multi-layered RW, cost)? 3. Will the blue laser recorders offer RW right from the beginning, or maybe the first recorders would offer only write-once ability?
  1. Play Only 2. Not sure, only time will tell 3. RW is going to be available from the start.

Thanks. I think that the XBOX360 would also offer writing on DVD media - thus making it a DVR (or maybe it was just recording programs on the hard drive… mmmhhhh I don’t remember…) - so this is an advantage of XBOX over the PS3!

This one time I wish the Gov’t would jump in on this one. Legislate that only one format will be allowed to be sold, or none at all,if all parties can’t get their act together and cooperate and set one standard.

I truly hope that none of the governments around the world would waste any of their time or energy on an entertainment media battle. There are loads of more important issues. They are already consuming way too much time on other futile economic issues because of their own hidden agendas.

Since Xbox 360 does not play HD DVD nor BlueRay, and initially HD DVD player and BlueRay player would both cost around thousand dollars each (as indicated by the article), PS3 clearly has the advantage on price as I doubt it will cost more than 400 US dollars.