Current SATA Lite-ON/Mediatek for scanning?


I am looking for new drive for scanning. It must be sata drive. Which ones (Lite-On, or other brand with Mediatek chipset) are good for scanning. I can find only iHAS124-19 Y of the Lite-On’s.

Thanx a lot!

The “Y” Lite-on is a rebadged Optiarc, less accurate than “real” Lite-on for scanning. Go for a iHAS524 if you can find one, or a Plex 880SA, or some Asus 24B1LT/B1ST for exemple :slight_smile:

Thanx for the info! Seems that I can only find Asus 22B2S (Sata), but I will try to search little more. Can any of the current Samsungs be used for disc quality scanning? Samsung DVD-RW’s are pretty common here.

Asus 22BS may be based on Lite-on 22x design (not 100% sure but…), fine for scanning too :wink:
Samsung 223C are based on ARM design, don’t know if they are able to scan ?

This Asus I mentioned is also not available now. So, it seems that I can’t find scanning drive (I can only find LG’s, Samsungs 223C, some Optiarc and Pioneer drives). I will take now one of these, and later one drive for scanning if it become available.


The Optiarc 7240 - 7260 drives will do quality scans but they will not do jitter scanning
like a Liteon drive would. With the Optiarc drives a scan speed of 5x will get somewhat
as close results to what a Liteon drive will get but still not quite as accurate as a Liteon
drive with a MTK chip-set. :disagree: