Current revision number for nec nd2510a


does anyone know the current revision number for the firmware for the nec nd2510a writer? i just downloaded one that says it 3.26 from softped, however, when i try to use it it says that target NEC ND-2610A is not found correctly. could this have anything to do with Incd 4? if anyone has a link to an official firmware i’d be obliged!

thx guys

You could try to flash this firmware with Binflash. The original flasher from NEC only allows flashing the same OEM drives.

To get an overview on some 2510 firmwares, you can take a look at Dee’s and my NEC ND2500A and ND2510A firmware page.

Is it a typo you write 2610 - if not, then the it is either a stupid typo in the name string of the FW or a burner I have never heard of.

Can you elaborate?

Since he also mentioned the 2510, I assume that 2610 was just a typo.