Current Reliable +RW Brands?

For reasons I dont want to waste time explaining, I record live video direct to DVD+RW discs for my clients. I have had good results with Sony brand media, but I am only able to find these in stores.

I want to order online so I am asking for advice on which brands of +RW discs have a current good rep. I use TY’s for their -R’s but seem to remember they don’t make +RW’s or?

Anyone? Or anyone know of a sale on the Sony +RW’s this weekend?


Nope, TY don’t make RWs. I use Verbatim -/+RW myself. :slight_smile:

They’re the only choice for me as well.

Me also :iagree:

DVD-RAM is a good way to go if you have a drive that will read and write to them.

I use Sony DVD+RW 1-4X MIJ.

i got some maxell +rws aswell as verbies :smiley:

what is MIJ?

It means Made in Japan.

Welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

I don’t think I ever saw MIJ RW :eek: drools a little :stuck_out_tongue:

aah easy
Verbatim -> MKM made most times by CMC
Sony -> Sony made by sony/daxon.

Yes sony can be made in japan made by themselves !!! :bigsmile:

-RW (for completeness)
JVC -> JVC (Again made in japan)
Verbatim/MItsubishi ->MKM made most times by CMC

But +RW has some slight advantages. Much faster finalizing is my experience.

Decent other options.
Most ricohjpn made by ritek +RW’s. Less consistant as verbatim but still will do most times the job.

I personally see a lot of infomedia, Daxon and MBIL made +RW’s showing up wonder how good they are haven’t tried them yet.

I saw 2x Panasonic DVD-RW that was MIJ, and the curious CD Freak I am, I bought them although they were really overpriced.
Diplomatically said, these discs aren’t every drive’s favorite food.

LOL ouch - not what I’d expect from an LG! :eek:

Why MKM? IMO the MCC coded ones are much better/more compatible. Not sure whether they are CMC or Prodisc. I’m guessing Prodisc…could be wrong.

Not all Sony-branded DVD+RW discs have Sony MIDs. The 4x Sony-branded DVD+RW’s that I have are made by Ritek, using RICOHJPN W11 codes.


Yeah, and 5 days after that :wink: I bought a JVC-branded 2x “JVC_VictorW7” DVD-RW, also MIJ ;). Fine with my Pio 111 though :slight_smile:

I’ve had rather good luck with PHILIPS 041 and PRODISC W02 +RWs as my signature indicates. Though nowadays I can’t find PRODISC W02 easily anymore and there were some reports of bad (rapidly degrading) 041’s also. That’s why I use Verbatim.

2 IdontexistM8:
At 1st, we are speaking of ReWritable media, but not Recordable.
2nd, nowadays Verbatim mediacodes start with MKM, not MCC, that’s why all 4x and 8x DVD+RWs have MKM A02 and MKM A03 codes accordingly, and 6x DVD-RWs have MKM 01RW6X code. However, the 1x, 2x and 4x DVD-RWs’ and 2.4x DVD+RWs’ Verbatim codes started with MCC.

The MID is Sony-S11-00.

I also have a DVD+RW version 1.0 (max @2.4X) Sony DVD+RW MIJ. The MID is RicohJpn-W01-01.

I know all that…but 6x are not as good IMO as the lower speed ones hence I would recommend the 4x discs over the six.

My Verbatim 6x DVD-RW and 8x DVD+RW are much better than my Verbatim 4x DVD+RW, so I guess this depends on how lucky/unlucky you are.

Ricoh 8x DVD+RW also work very well for me.

My Verbatim 6x -RW and 8x +RW are very good, too. Haven’t tried the 4x ones.