Current recommendations for SSD's



In a curious series of events, I find myself pushed closer to the brink of ordering an ssd for my main computer.

So, after browsing a bit at the regular online shops, the Crucial M4 128gb seems like a good contender for its combination of price, performance, and reputation. But I’m willing to hear arguments for others. Samsung and Intel have reasonably good word of mouth round the net these days too, but are consistently more expensive.

I’m not really interested in OCZ or any that use Sandforce controllers. Also can’t afford cutting edge stuff.

Input welcome.


Crucial M4 128gb:iagree:


According to the manufacturerthe sustained Sequential Write is Up to 175 MB/s, ain’t that kind of slow?


I would go with the Crucial M4, my main reason is that Crucial has good support for their drives,
Regarding write speeds, well you might be able to get a drive that has higher write speeds, however in real life you probably wont notice the difference , unless you benchmark your drive daily.

@Hemispasm, NO it’s not slow. Numbers is a great way to tell lies. First of all once you install your OS and all the applications that you need, you probably do some small writes that your OS, browser do, and for that even a HDD is OK. What you will be doing daily is reading, and the Crucial M4 has an excellent read speed, along side with excellent access time.
I can only see one problem, if for some reason you want to use the drive for editing HD Video, then the 175MB/Sec will probably be slow. But if Kerry (or someone else) wants to do something like that, then a he needs a bigger SDD, and why not a faster.


I can’t see using the SSD as source or target for video editing. Its just not large enough. This would be a boot and program drive only.

I’d have two 1tb and one 2tb storage drives with it.