Current problem

Yesterday I purchased two Movies, Red Eye and Transporter 2. I played both movies in my TV dvd player, and each played without problem. I then proceeded to backup both using the most current software, that is AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. Red Eye copied without a glitch, perfect. Transporter 2 was another story, AnyDVD reported a bad Disc, then later ground out a report of minimal protection. CloneDVD2 couldn’t detect a DVD in the Computer. Decryptor, DVD Shrink and DVD FaB couldn’t locate a disc in the DRive. VoBBlanker was able to find the disc but was unable to complete the task. The Computer DVD player couldn’t recognize a disc in the drive with or without AnyDVD. Attempts to copy to the HD was prevented by error messages. As a test I went back to the TV DVD player, it once again showed a perfect movie. I have backed up and copied a good number of home movies and I believe AnyDVD will in time answer this problem.

What is ‘most current software’? Need actual version numbers. I backed up both movies with CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD. Actually watched the copy of Transporter 2.

what os are you using? I sometimes run into problems with dvd shrink in 98se if I eject 1 dvd and insert another…perhaps a cache problem or something. I find that if I reboot, open dvdshrink first then insert the disk after a clean reboot, it sees the dvd just fine…:slight_smile: