Current music you are listening to?




Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker, Shadows of the Night



Listening to one from my parent’s LP collection:

It’s also amusing to see this warning again:

Somehow I think they got this totally wrong. Home taping has died and the music has lived on. Anyway, I’m digitising it instead. :grinning:


Lone Star-Bells of Berlin, Ballad of Crafty Jack
Crack the Sky - Ice
Budgie- Breadfan
Starz - Coliseum Rock/It’s a Riot
Riot - Altar of the King, Tokyo Rose
Rhino Bucket - Ride with Yourself
Dirty Tricks - Night Man
Junkyard - Hands Off
Silvertide - Devil 's Daughter
Trapeze - You are the Music, We are Band
Yesterday and Today- Black Tiger

Of course you probably never heard of anyone :wink:

If the Light ain’t Bright, it ain’t Right





Burning Spear-Live in Paris, Zenith 88

Sorry for lack of art/link…using an uncooperative phone (which I never use).



You must be up there in age like me? or you might just like retro music.
I don’t waste time or that much money on music anymore. I just watch,and listen on youtube Pandora