Current music you are listening to?

Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker, Shadows of the Night

Listening to one from my parent’s LP collection:

It’s also amusing to see this warning again:

Somehow I think they got this totally wrong. Home taping has died and the music has lived on. Anyway, I’m digitising it instead. :grinning:

Lone Star-Bells of Berlin, Ballad of Crafty Jack
Crack the Sky - Ice
Budgie- Breadfan
Starz - Coliseum Rock/It’s a Riot
Riot - Altar of the King, Tokyo Rose
Rhino Bucket - Ride with Yourself
Dirty Tricks - Night Man
Junkyard - Hands Off
Silvertide - Devil 's Daughter
Trapeze - You are the Music, We are Band
Yesterday and Today- Black Tiger

Of course you probably never heard of anyone :wink:

If the Light ain’t Bright, it ain’t Right

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Burning Spear-Live in Paris, Zenith 88

Sorry for lack of art/link…using an uncooperative phone (which I never use).

You must be up there in age like me? or you might just like retro music.
I don’t waste time or that much money on music anymore. I just watch,and listen on youtube Pandora

First release: 1968 psychedelic rock from a Boston band.

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Death- Empty words

Still on my regular rotation.

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Now, with the nostalgia glasses on and I know I can say this with some respect being here since 1972 (in music and so the youngest true ‘70s rocker you can talk to at age 53), I love your music @vroom, but Isn’t it time we take those glasses off? I’ve been listening to quite a lot of Russian folk music lately (≈100 cds), but the thing is that Russian folk music really isn’t Russian folk music as it is too vast, let’s face it, it encompasses too friggin’ many groups of species/cultures (too many to get by, but I at least, have some understandigng) and so is impossible to grasp and it hits you.
I have long since said that being the age (7) when music hit me, I experienced the rise and fall of the once before me and the once by my side (the '80s) to become the one to foresee music history. Not that I complain, I love my ‘old’ music, but I got my mind set on the new, though I hate much of the electronica around (too similar and so boring). Still, if we can free ourselves of the chains of knowing and personal preference, we may actually get to know more.

love music

cosmic blackened death metal

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California (2006)