Current music you are listening to?



What’s rocking in your headphones currently?

Lately I’ve been into:
The Hellacopters
System of a Down
The Faint
The Cranberries
Little bit of Audioslave


In random order:

No Use For A Name
Alkaline Trio
Cast Down
A Static Lullaby
Hundred Reasons

That would be it for this week.


Coldplay, Michael Bublé, Jamie Cullum, Loius Armstrong, etc etc etc

Yeah I know Coldplay are quite different from the rest but they’re pretty damn good.


Group X!!


Bought some CD’s last week and have just been primarily listening to them.

Emperor - Scattered Ashes (A Decade of Emperial Wrath)
Dark Funeral - Vobisum Satanas
True Kings of Norway
Nattefrost - Blood & Vomit
Nordic Metal - A tribute to Euronymous

Very happy with my purchases :slight_smile:


lostprophets, something corporate, bjork, tori amos, sugarcult


These are the albums I listen to at the moment.

Saxon: Wheels Of Steel, Strong Arm Of The Law.
Tygers Of Pan Tang: Wild Cat.
Candlemass: Epicus Doomicus Metallicus.
Sevendust: Seasons
Lynard Skynard: Vicious Cycle
Derek Sherinian: Black Utopia.
Annihilator: Waking The Fury. (One of the most powerful albums I’ve heard in ages)
B.T.O.: Not Fragile


Osdorp Posse + Nembrionic Hammerdeath


listening to;

Orphaned Land - Mabool The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven

My Dying Bride-songs of darkness words of ligths

Fear Factory - archetype


Anything they play on the radio. :smiley:


Group X ( :cool: )
Dreamscaper (From Newgrounds/audio)
Kenny Muhammed
Rage Against The Machine (RATM)
Infected Mushroom

Chances are that nobody has heard of anyone - except maybe RATM.

Group X - A funny ‘Arabian Rap Sensation’, though they aren’t really Arabian. Buy they are one of the funniest bands I have come across.

Dreamscaper - An artist I found on Newgrounds. He rules :slight_smile: (Techno music). Quote from his profile:

Rock is a bore; Hip-Hop is a snore; Country I just ignore; Rap is like audio war; Heavy-Metal makes my ears sore; Disco should’ve died in '74; Electronica I love to the core. (People are going to hate me for stating this, so I won’t state anymore.)

Rahzel/Kenny Muhammed - Beatboxers. I think the site for Rahzel is But if it is the site, there isn’t any point. There is barely any info. Just to to

RATM - Quite a few might know who they are.

Shpongle - If any are into the Psy/Trance scene, I suggest checking him out. His real name is Simon Posford. He also goes under the name ‘Hallucinogen’. He is 23/24 and is a LEGEND! One of my favourite artists. I suggest thier song ‘Divine Moments of Truth’. If you do get your hands on it, it might seem slow at the start, but it is really good in the middle :smiley:

Infected Mushroom - 2 young guys from Israel (2x yo) that create trance music, and include classical music in thier own music. Wicked music if you are into the trance scene. :smiley:


Ha! Savannahs’ dark music fits the dark avatar perfectly…


Apoptygma bezerk, Extol, Penumbra, XPQ-21, Skyfire, Stratovarius, The kovenant, Tristania, Wumpscut, Epica etc etc


Indeed wesociety. :cool:

@Dee-ehn, which Extol album? The first I purchased was Burial, and its by far my favourite. Synergy was a huge let down for me, Peter Espevoll’s vocals just didnt suit IMO.


Epica is great…good choice Dee-ehn


@Savannah: I’m listening to a mix MD a friend of mine made me (he’s got several albums and mixed me some tracks on a MD to check Extol out…)

@Damiandimitri: yes, they are quite nice. Good thing is they are Dutch so easy to catch at performances…


KoRn, Slipknot, ill nino, dimmu borgir, cradil of filth… anything metal! :slight_smile:


I’m mostly into techno and most of the time I listen to the live stream at


Originally posted by DoMiN8ToR
I’m mostly into techno and most of the time I listen to the live stream at
You listen to trance? And another radio station that is good is - really good :smiley:


Currently listening to:
Sprint dot com…you will be placed on hold with music to listen to…