Current LiteON DVD-writers: How good/bad is CD writing?

Ok, so nowadays people use to burn more DVDs than CDs, but still these drives are sold with the capability of writing CDs too. So what is your experience?

I’m asking because i saw some ugly things before (see: ) but i put it down to early fimware. Now - while trying to find out if buying an ultra-expensive CD-only writer (Plextors Premium 2) was really a smart move - i’ve just taken a glance at the deepest pit that scanning hell has to offer:

Yuden (Cyanine Dye):
Verbatim (Azo Dye):
Sony (Phthalocyanine Dye):

Take note that writing speed was 16x! One should think that plain (and easy) CLV would be something the engineers have mastered by now. Apparently not.

well my 20A1H w/ LL07 did a spectacular job with SONY media. by spectacular I mean I had C2 values approaching 1000 in cd/dvd scan.

Only burned one CD-R with my LH-20A1P so far. it was Verbatim Super AZO Crystal Made in India and it burned with an average 16% jitter according to a BenQ scan! :eek:

I didn’t save the scan because it was with the original firmware KL05 and I just wanted to make sure the drive wasn’t defective before installing unofficial formware on the drive.

I’ll get back to this thread when I have burned some more CDs with that drive.