Current DVD size is too big! Dave Matthews DVD Concerts

I am getting this error message EVEN AFTER proceesing all files with the current version of VOBBLANKER ( Any ideas?? And yes, burning fails to initiate because it thinks file size IS too large.

See screenshot :slight_smile:

if there’s nothing more you can cut out, simply output a shrunken version to “files” then reprocess in shrink and shrink again…

by shrinking twice you should be able to fit it to a DVDR (but with no quality guarantees!!)

also, it doesn’t think the file size is too large, it IS too large. I’m not sure why you posted this in the anydvd forum, as it’s a shrink issue, but basically with maximum compression you still cannot fit this onto a standard single layer disc.

and like i said in my above post: the simple solution: shrink it once, save to your hard drive as a file slightly larger than single layer then shrink it again so it will fit onto your disc.