Current DVD-ROM to read Safedisc 4


I am attempting to purchase a new DVD-ROM that can read safedisc 3/4 backups. I first ordered a Liteon 167 but received a 16P9S, which cannot. I then ordered a Aopen 1648 and received a Aopen 1648 Pro, which cannot. I then ordered a Sony DDU1612 and received a DDU1622, which cannot.

As you can see I am little fed up with retailers sending random products! :sad: :a Looking through the stickies it seems only a Liteon 163 or 166 can read safedisc backups, neither of which can be bought. Can anybody suggest a DVD-ROM drive that can! (Or if anybody knows where I can actually get a 166/DDU1612 from…)


I have found the 166 to be better than the 163 so if you can get one then it’s the one for you.
I have no idea even which country you are in so I can’t help much with where to buy.

The 166S rocks, but can’t be bought anymore in The Nethelands. :a


Thanks for the replies. I am in the UK. I am looking hard for a 166S but with little success.


I have found a 167T for sale and a plextor premium. How do both of these do with SD 4.


I think a Safedisc 4 backup made with the plex works in the plex. I haven’t tested that myself so it’s probably best to get confirmation.
A few people around here have plex premiums so an answer should arrive soon.