Current Benq Drive

I currently have a Benq 1620 with firmware B7T9 the drive has been working like a charm. My thing is a want to put it into an external case so I can use with new laptop I just purchased because the writer that came with it is to slow,and I am very happy with this BenQ so can someone please point me to exactly what I need as I try to do things myself without taking somewhere and paying someone. Or if that is not going to work I would like to buy an external that is pretty close to the BenQ but I will need to buy from Best Buy as I have several gift cards I can use. Thanks in advance for any help and information give

Buy a 5.25" external enclosure. Open. Connect cable (IDE and 4-pin molex power). Make sure the drive is set as Master via jumper. Close case. Plug in power cord and usb cables. Turn on. Windows will detect new device, may require a reboot to properly install new drivers.

The BenQ 1620 is quite large so make sure you get one that it will fit in. I have a Plumax case and my 1620 just fits in it. The IDE cable inside is almost bent to much for my liking.

thank you for the input will try to buy enclosure or should i just go ahead and buy an external being I have over 2500 burns on this one i mean its still running good but if i deceide to buy another can you recommend one from best buy being i have gift cards to spend

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