Currency conversions piss me off!

For all references to media prices can we all state local currency and then an approximate US equivalent as well?

I selected US currency simply because nearly all realtime currency converters convert to US dollars, but not directly between other currencies (and if I didn’t, then americans would complain that I’m treating them like as if they aren’t the centre of the universe or something).

Look here for a real time converter.

Ie: $100au ($73.5US)

It’s helpful for two reasons …

  1. Everyone can see how media prices differ in different parts of the world.
  2. If a supplier does international shipping, we are all on a level field :wink:

I am against currency imperialism, sorry.

Raise your fists if you’re with me comrades!

kewl converter…thanx for the site

I also disagree. It doesn’t make sense to convert to USD and then back to your own currency. Just too many conversions losses in between. It’d be equally silly for me to require everything to be listed in euros. Doesn’t make sense.

Everybody can do the conversions themselves.

Just list the original native currency in which the item is priced in.

i to like the converter but see no need to make us$

hmm, i just estemate the convision, i use US dollers as it the “international” currency.

ben :slight_smile:

Whoa, a British who thinks everything revolves around US.

Ben, did you vote for Tony Blair? Or do they even have election in UK? :bigsmile:

Ben is a minor still, so no voting by him. You have to ask his mum Dee-27 that.

very nice site… i just bought a porn dvd movie from Europe. Im in USA:cool:

what site? there’s no link here in this thread… and be careful. :bigsmile:

i think he means he bought it from the site that he did the money converts on a porn ad it would seem

Oh i was talking about the currency site is a nice site. The porn movie i bought elsewhere.

Peace & hair grease :cool:

Why would you always use the US Dollars as CDFreaks currency ? This would only cause problems… for Europeans Euros are fine.

Anyway the ULTIMATE convertor, updated EVERY day with data from the Central European Bank (and its governor Jean Claude Trichet):

converts any value into any value.

Um, ok, that in comparison to Xrates which is updated every 15 minutes? :slight_smile:

It does the major currencies…

Edit I stand corrected. X-rates is also daily now :frowning: /edit

[QUOTE=Tyreksionibus]Why would you always use the US Dollars as CDFreaks currency ? This would only cause problems… for Europeans Euros are fine.QUOTE]

Im in USA. I bought a hard-to-find porn video from Europe :cool: