Just wanted your thoughts on this. I backup a copy of Crank and used xcopy express w/anyDVD. I didn’t click the whole movie and it seemed to burn fine, but when I put it in it was the movie with the compentary at the corner with the two guys talking through out the whole movie. Then I tried to burn it using xcopy express w/anyDVD clicking on the button for the movie with everything that’s extra and I got an error. I then tried CloneDVD2 with anyDVD which would put the whole movie on it with subtitles and all of the extras that came with the movie. It seemed to work fine, but when I put the copy in it would show the two guys talking about the movie and their version and then it would stop and start all over and do that nonstop. It also showed an error with one of the VOBS, but seemed to do it ok even though it came up. I had one more option with CloneDVD and anyDVD. I selected just the movie, nothing else and copied it and it came out fine. So I’m just wondering why after all of that just copying the movie that the whole copying back up would work fine. Just selecting the movie was my last option. I seem to only use CloneDVD with anyDVD when I can’t use my xcopy express with anyDVD. Having them both on there isn’t conflicting or anything. I’m just glad I can use CloneDVD with anyDVD when I need it if my xcopy express with anyDVD doesn’t work. Thank heavens for having the options. I wonder if it’s the DVD it’s self? What do you think? anybody have any thoughts? :eek:


i just did crank with anydvd and clonedvd2. and just watched the whole thing, nothing happened with mine. was 100%


did you copy the directors comments?

try just copying the AC 3/6 in the audio section and see if that helps


Crank has two title sets. The first is main movie, the second, (and a couple seconds longer, if I remember correctly) is the stream with director’s comments. (using CloneDVD2).
Choose the first title set only, check preserve menus (if you desire this feature), and you should end up with a great backup.


When I just selected the movie with ClondDVD2 and anyDVD the back up copy came out really good. I was just wondering why I had to go to all that trouble just to make a back up. Usually when I select just the movie with my xcopy express with AnyDVD the copy backed up comes out fine. CloneDVD2 is my second option and I’m happy to have it on my computer in case. I was just curious why I had to go to all that trouble. The back up looks just like the movie, except without the extra stuff. I guess it has to do with the dvd you are backing up. After I just did the movie with nothing else the back up came out really good with CloneDVD2 and well you know I’m happy about that. LOL. I just wanted your thoughts on what happened. Thank you for the advice. Now if I could only back up my Sliders dvds (season’s 1,2 and 3) completely. I just hate having to use the originals. I got them for my birthday and well they were expensive to get I bet. I’m patiently waiting for season 4 to come out. When I tried to back up season 2 I had a few problems using my xcopy express. I didn’t even try it with CloneDVD and anyDVD yet, I’m not sure if I should waste my time. What do you think?


I had the same problem with Crank. I use anydvd with I Copy DVDS 2 and it did copy the movie. But mine too has the commentary only. Never had this before. Still have not figured it out.


Your problem is either with that program or what you’re selecting within it. This is not an anydvd issue nor a clonedvd2 issue.


The problem you’re experiencing is with this product–not anydvd nor clonedvd2. Period


CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD, would be my first choice for any backup. They are both updated frequently, and when problems arise, support here at CDF is awsome.
I removed XCopy from my computer long ago, and the only regret that I have, is the outrageous price I gave for it. :doh:


When you back up CRANK, just select on CloneDVD2 that has the choice of copyDVD, which just is the movie, nothing else. After I did that I had no problem backing the movie up. As of xcopy express with anyDVD, I really still like the program and didn’t pay much for it way back when. I still have it on my computer, because sometimes it will copy a movie fine. Occationally will I have to use CloneDVD2 with anyDVD if I have a problem using xcopy express. If you select copyDVD (without selecting the keep menus) my back up copy came out fine. Some movies are just plain picky.


I can understand your setiment for xcopy, but IMHO, it really is a dinasour. CloneDVD2 is much easier to use, presents the oppurtunity of more features, and works reliably, in correlation with AnyDVD.

If you select copyDVD (without selecting the keep menus) my back up copy came out fine. Some movies are just plain picky.

CloneDVD2, will back up Crank, with menus preserved without a problem.


Yes, but unless it’s already selected I just leave it the way it is. Anyway I don’t mind having both programs on my computer. They don’t conflict with each other and my dvd xcopy with anydvd usually will back up a movie fine. It’s when the movie is picky that I turn to cloneDVD2 w/anyDVD as my second choice. I guess it’s just the person’s preference. LOL. Actually it’s anyDVD that seems to work awesome for both programs. Without anyDVD, I’d be lost.


Backed up Crank fine with CloneDVD2. Thanks for the help…


Thanks for posting back Hunter1722. :slight_smile: , I’m glad to hear your problems were resolved. :clap:


Good work Hunter1722, I thankyou for posting back.:clap: