Curious Question Reguarding TY CD-R For Master

Sorry but i have to ask as i am curious, these TY cd-r’s that are labeled CD-R For Master what is actually different between them and standard TY cd-r’s like the pastels, extra protection, maxell colour and mediastar colour discs i have ?? Is the dye formula different ?? what burn speed are they ??

The same question going for the DVD-R For Master Disc.

From what I know, the TY CD-R and DVD-R for Master come with a special protection sheet on the bottom which has to be removed before usage.
TY CD-R for Master can be burned up to 48x speed, are available in 650 MB and 700 MB capacity, and come in jewel or slim cases.

I don’t know much more about those products though, but maybe one of the insiders ([B]thia@9[/B], [B]koba[/B]?) could shed some light on it.

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There are 3 types of Master for Cd-r. 74min 1-16x, 74min 1-32x and 80min 1-32x.
These are specialy tuned for low writing speeds like 1 or 2x burning and are taken from a special line and only the first shots of a stamper. These also use a different type of cyanin and have a stricter QC. The pastels, extra protection, maxell colour and mediastar colour discs use a different type of cyanin dye (2-48x dye) and are from a different line and normal QC.

Master DVD-Rs are 1-8 DVD-Rs which passed a special quality control. These are also taken from the first shots of a stamper.

Edit: 48x burning can be done on the 1-32x depending on the drive but that is overspeeding.

I see thanks for the info. What though is the advantage of using these discs over normal TY discs ?? better longtivity of the disc ??which would be good for archiving, lower numbers on a QS ??

If you want low QS numbers, you should scratch bad, el-cheapo Princo discs. :wink:
I think it’s more the initial burn quality which is important for master discs, but I could be wrong. Don’t quote me on that… :slight_smile:

Sorry my bad, i type it all wrong when saying low numbers i meant PIE and PIF numbers being low.