Curious problem

while playing video file I’ve downloaded in kazaa, noticed curious problem. a 120mb video file, which should have a duration of say 10 minutes judging by its size, has about a minute of duration. thought nothing of it until I’ve clicked on that time scroll bar below in the Windows Media Player. What happens is: depending on where I click, the movie shows parts that I’ve not seen; that is, the movie IS about 10 min, but is compressed in such a way that normal reproduction lasts a minute, while if I go back and forth with time scroll bar, it lasts a few minutes, jumping to sections I haven’t seen. try updating codecs and such, but to no avail

Interesting, i’m not too sure if this’ll help or anything, but you could try to open the file into some sort of movie editing program and re-save it or fiddle about with it somehow.

I have Windows XP and it comes with a program called Windows Movie Maker. I have played around with it once or twice and you can chop and change the order of frames around with it and add in your own sound etc. You may be able to find bad frames and remove them. However I did find that it altered the quality of my pictures when it changed from frame to frame, but then again that was probably something to do with the file compression.

There is also a new version of it on the Windows update site, Windows Movie Maker 2. Haven’t used it so don’t know what more it has to offer. There are probably better programs out there to edit the file with though.

do you have the full file downloaded? a program which might help you, if you do have the whole thing, is here :

that can identify what codec was used, and i believe it can see if you have it installed etc.

avipreview, a program that used to come with kazaalite, is also good at viewing dat files as they are downloaded, and can sometimes piece together movies like this that wont work in other players.

i use bsplayer for most viewing, though :smiley: