Curious Burn Speed Question

I have to ask as i got curious to something rugger said in a earlyer post.He said 4x is often much worse then 8x on high speed media.Is this actually true , does it very burner to burner or media to media? I mean why have a X8 disc that also supports X4 and X6 when you get the best burn at X8, does’nt make too much sense,as this would mean people with X4 burners would’nt get the best burn out of a X8 disc. Would i be better off burning X8 media at 8, same going for X16 media. Does the same apply with CD-rs as i still burn them at X4 or X12 on my Plextor 2410A.

I always assumed that a slower burn would be better as it would give a deeper burn.

It sort of varies from brand to brand, but it is a general rule that this is true for -R much more than +R. My Ritek R03 +R discs are always better at 4x on any drive, while my G05s are better at 8X. TYG01 and TYG02 are exceptions as I can do better with both at 4X and they are -R. When you get to 16X, the rule changes again and 12X is usually better. I have yet to see any 8X media that was actually better at higher speeds. Also keep in mind, the higher burn speed contributes to a shorter lifespan so that also needs to be considered. I burn everything now at 8X even though higher speeds are possible on most of my drives.

As for CDs, I think it is safe to say slower is better but I am out on a limb here and it is way too time consuming to really test it out.

Most 48x/52x CDRs will have a sweet spot at around 24x to 32x depending on the burner. Lower speeds will often produce higher error rates. But the differences are not huge.

Most 16x DVDR will not burn very well at 4x. 8x or 12x will be the sweet spot on some drives, and other drive/media combinations will perform much the same at 8x and 16x.

This is the reason we have testing, to find out what your drive does with a given media. Assume nothing.

Yep, it all depends … you have to test, test, test. Use tools like the quality test in cdspeed to find out where the sweet spot for your media is.

You will probably find that most 8x disks burn the best at 8x. Sometimes 4x will be the same, sometimes it might be slightly better, other times it can be much worse. I also think burning 8x media well at 4x has a lot to do with the burner as well, as my benq ussually does a terrible job of burning 8x media at 4x (while doing an excellent job of burning 4x media at 4x, and 8x media at 8x)

For 16x speed disks, you will probably find you can get better results from a lower speed then 16, say 12 or 8. I havn’t played with 16 speed media too much (too expensive, no avaliablity), so I haven’t got a lot of insight into it yet

I always found with CD media (maybe because for my first 5 years of burning we did not have burn-proof) that a cd with the laser on from beginning to end in disk at once is best. Therefore due to habit I still burn CDs at 16X, especially on Z_CLV burners which will run from start to finish at 16X

I burn all 4X DVD-R at 4X and 8X at 8X. seems to work good. 8X I feel is the sweet speed for DVDs - short burn time at high quality. Hell it’s only 25% slower than 16X

MMMM… i see.Thanks for the replys.I think i will do a couple of test, have to get some X8 media first.Did have some but they was burnt at X4 as i was using a A05 at the time, they played fine though.

I tryed the quality test in cdspeed but i cant click start.Im using a 109XLC1 drive.

Pioneers aren’t supported by CDSpeed for the quality tests unless you edit the registry entry…

My Benq made a right mess of some Ritek R03 4x discs at 4x however when burned at 8x they were pretty good.

its all about trial and error, if you’ve got a load of discs then you might aswell risk wasting a few of them.