Curious about Gamecube media

I’m just a little curious about the small size media that I’ve seen advertised at a number of online places like that they claim are “perfect for Gamecube backups.” While that’s all well and good, I didn’t think there was a way to PLAY Gamecube backups, so what would be the point in making any? Has someone come up with a modchip for Gamecube now, or what?

If I rememeber right there is a panasonic dvd player that is also a gamecube that is sold in Japan, and avail at liksang. It can be fitted with a mod chip and will play back ups on dvd if I understand it correctly. That was the original way to do it. For now most people will just hook it through their computer and use the backdoors in games to access what they want.

The Gamecube now has the Viper modchip that will boot backups. You can use full size DVD media if you remove the top half of the GameCube case.