Curious about firmware, can you masters help me?



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Anyway, i think i have the best firmeware that NEC has to offer, but is it the best OVERALL?

At first, i was scared to flash it to a modded firmware, but now my mind is slowly changing. Is it dangerous? Cause if i flash it and my drive gets ruined, they wont replace it.

Also, whats the current favorite around here for the NEC 3500a? Does it really make a big difference?? Thanks so much guys!



First of all - you donโ€™t tell us which firmware you are currently using - which would help-

Second of all - firmware is a matter of individual needs - not a popularity contest - so tell us what your needs are -

Third - if you are concerned about modded firmware and the ability to return your drive - stick to the official firmware - and that would currently be 2.18-



And fourth, reading the stickies in this thread about the proper posting location as well as the NEC FAQ would help. Please check your PM.


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Iโ€™m sticking to 2.18 firmware for now. But in the future, I think I would want to burn dvd+rโ€™s at higher than advertised speeds. So which offer would you recommend?


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