Curious about DaTARIUS? Ask away!

Curious about DaTARIUS? Ask away!

Have you ever wondered what company like DaTARIUS is up to? Would you like to know more about their decisions, (new) products and background information? Now you can! CD Freaks is organizing a series of interviews with digital storage related persons. The coming time we will ask them what you want to know!

DaTARIUS developed the first commercial CD test system and has over 20 years’ experience in the manufacture and distribution of equipment for inspecting, measuring and optimizing at every stage of the optical media manufacturing process.

The Company provides equipment for the entire production process from pre-mastering to print and packaging. Its products are suitable for every optical media format – pre-recorded and recordable – from CD & DVD through to the new blue laser Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD formats.

Here some examples of types of questions you could ask:

• Current products
• Area of usage of these products
• New products
• Company information
• Market details / outlook
• Future opportunities
• Personal questions for the person

What’s next? This week we will ask questions to Cédric Collard, Group Marketing Manager at DaTARIUS.

Please post your questions in this forum thread. Next week, all questions will be collected. We pick the best ones and report the answers back on CD! So, stay tuned!

Mind you, this is not an engineer, if you have very technical questions you’re better of posting them in a thread here.

Would Datarius consider donating a testing system for CD/DVD/BluRay to cdfreaks? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cdfreaks is a highly visited site and Datarius would benefit from having it’s systems publicly showcased to test our burnt media.

Plus it would answer the age old question once and for all - Do home based error scanners correlate at all with the professional equipment.

What media manufactorers would Datarius recommend. Could the company post some results of common media names?

Why should anyone trust a commercial optical disc test system over a real life high quality pc dvd recorder, like Plextor’s?

Are any dvd recorder manufacturers clients of yours? Could you name a few? Which are the areas of usage of your products for them?

Are you getting involved in optimizing any stages of the recordable optical media manufacturing? By which way?

Would it be possible sometime in the future to have a dvd test system reviewed by CDFreaks?

Were there any responses to the above questions?