Cures for a hangover?

I have one :frowning:
so don’t make too much noise :stuck_out_tongue:
Any cures?

My best hangover cure is to not drink at all:) Other than that taking an aspro clear or solouble aspirin of any sort before crashing works really well for me.

continue to drink , dont stop.
the hanghover never come :slight_smile:
or gurosan :stuck_out_tongue:

Before you go to sleep, drink a lot of water…

Only thing that helps…all others are fake (except more alcohol or drugs that numb you)

honey make good also , to eliminate the alcohol in your body.

i think water is best :), but i prefer Millers, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a decision :confused:

honey make good also , to eliminate the alcohol in your body.
Contrary to popular belief nothing except your liver eliminates alcohol. Coffee and sleep can make you feel stimulated, but your liver can only work so fast.

Before you go to sleep, drink a lot of water…
Very true, alcohol dehydrates your body, dehydration makes you sick and can cause massive mind numbing migraines. My theory with Aspro is one: Your drinking water. two: Aspirin is an anticoagulant, keeping the blood thinner for a longer time so preventing your blood pressure taking a sharp rise as the alcohol wears off.

Water, water and water. And as blood sugar in state of hangover is low, you have to eat anything that makes it reach the normal level (fruits, etc.). As a consequence the general feeling of being unwell improves. :iagree:

Never had it too often, maybe just a few times in my entire life. When I drank a lot of alcohol beverage, it was mostly between 0 and 6 AM in the mid-1990s.

Water for me also but preferably in a large glass of malt whisky
seriously i think the only cures are more alcohol or plenty water the night you are drinking (ie before you go to bed or during the night)

Never had one. :o I don’t drink heavily when I drink. There was one time when I decided to try to get drunk to see what it feels like, but I didn’t get a hangover from that (though I did eat a lot of food beforehand and drank a bit of water before going to bed, so I guess that helped).

So I take it that you had a festive New Year’s Eve? :wink:

I don’t drink so I wouldn’t know what a Hangover was like, but IRN-BRU is ment to be good for a Hangover :iagree:

maybe a little too late for the advice here …but taking 1000 mgs of Milk Thistle the day before with every meal…and the day of drinking…helps some with the liver processes…:smiley:

you don’t feel it when you are sleeping :wink:

Recovering from last night still right right now :Z

I decided sleep was the best cure :smiley:
It more or less worked as well. :slight_smile:

I was suffering from the same thing yesterday. 4 advil, large glass of water to soothe the hot pipes, 6 more hours of sleep and, no computer did the trick. Normally a trip to the gym cures my hangovers but, everything was closed because of New Years. (4 or 5 miles on the treadmill and then sweat all the bad stuff out in the steam room and the whirlpool…AHHHHHH!) No more Hangover.

BTW: Happy New Year.

Fortunately, no matter how drunk I am, I’m -till now- always able to drink a lot of water when I come home. Usually as many glasses of water as I did alcoholic beverages I can remember and most of the time add some to be sure. It’s hard because a lot of water sometimes almost makes you puke and you have to get out of bed a lot to visit the toilet but it’s a proven remedy.

It’s usually beer that brings me down, so I prefer wodka/bacardi mixes :wink:

AMEN to wodka…except make mine gin.

Drink much of water (as much as possible) and eat some cheese (heard it help absorbing alcohol). Another thing is to drink as much cold green tea as you can so that you can often go to the toilet and get rid of the alcohol left in your body. Good thing is too eat a little before and while drinking.