CureROM 2.0.2



CureROM (download) is a tool which is able to hide CD/DVD-ROM devices, including CD/DVD emulators, from being detected by SecuROM v7 & SafeDisc v4. This new version adds advanced network support, this is for mounting images across a network connection. CureROM has the option to map a new network drive to the path of the image(s) stored across a network, then mount the image from the mapped drive (the network option(s) will only be enabled if the Image path begins with double slash “\”).

CureROM 2.0.2 also fixes SecuROM Anti-Blacklist for newer titles (Tested with “Tomb Raider Legends v1.2 and Hitman: Blood Money 1.1”), Balloon Tips and minor bug related to “Application” & “Backup Image” paths.


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