Cueing up successive DVDs to burn



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I have been searching for an hour or more on google and these forums without luck so I thought I’d post here. Sorry if this is a redundant question (I guess my search terms are wrong :().

Basically, I was hoping for an answer to my problem:

I often have over 200gigs of data on my HDD comprising of numerous separate DVDs that I want to burn. Right now, I spend many hours each week using nero 9 to one by one select and burn each distinct and separate disc by coming into my computer room every 15 minutes to the computer with the network disabled (to make better burns I heard) to change discs and select the next number folder (I number the folders I want to burn 1,2,3,4,5, and so on). I get this amount of data to burn quite often as I am in the business of sending out marketing that is different in its composition every time to new customers (ie. I can’t use a duplicator that burns exact copies over and over).

I was hoping that someone could tell me how to make this process simplier.

If I could get a program or device that allowed me to cue up new burns and just come in and change the DVD when it made a sound that one was done, that would be very useful as the extra time to select things takes ages. I have second and third burners available too but each DVD is different. Right now I have to reselect the new material and go through all the options to make a new copy. It would also be useful if the DVD title was based on the folder name as well.

My typical burning folder contents look like this:

1 >
1 > Business A1
1 > Business A1 > newest vid file from 3 files available based on business type.mpg
1 > Business A1 > merged word document with customized greeting for A1 based on database.doc
1 > Business A1 > further information based on database selection from 1-10 depending on type of
2 >
2 > Business B1
2 > Business B1 > newest vid file.mpg
2 > Business B1 > merged word document with customized greeting.doc
2 > Business B1 > further information based on database selection from 1-10 depending on type of

Is there a way to cue up several burns at a time, or a dvd duplicator that doesn’t just create copies that can be cued?



Check the “image cue” feature of Imgburn,, to see if it meets your needs.


That’s great, thanks! It allows me to cue up iso files to burn and so I just have to use it to create isos of each folder and then I can cue them up, very useful. Too bad it doesn’t let me just go straight from the folder, but creating the isos doesn’t take very long.


Anyone know a way to queue up folders/data without creating iso’s first?