.cue to dvd

once again im sorry for not searching the forums for some reason i have a hard time geting them to work.my friend sent me a video file its about 174 mb on the cue file now when i did a google search cue. to dvd i got a little help some one said to some one else that burn it to a cd-r as a image i did that wouldnt play in my dvd player, then some one said to some one else to use nero to convert it go to the file open with nero rom burning and it will convert it but nero said it didnt didnt support it i gues.i also found a free awesome program called vcdgear it said it couldnt find the bin file or something i dont know if the bin file is suppose to be in the file are not cause i couldnt find it.so was the file suppose to come with a bin file cause i got allot vcd files and .cue and a dat file how do i convert all that so i can play this movie in my dvd player or do i need to convert the .cue file only to dvd please help me out i would grreatly apreacite it.

PS im sorry if you cannot understand me i have bad grammar and spelling please forgive me i woud

But you’ve already burned the cue file with nero?
Also could you identify what type of file it is like mpeg, avi etc.

Just insert a CD-R in your burner, fire Nero (eg.) up and select the .cue (or .bin if you want) file as source for burning.

well see i did use nero to burn my .cue to cd-r but it wouldnt play in my dvd player, i also tryed burning it to a dvd file but didnt work ether cause nero said need cd-r fermate wich leaves me to try and convert it to dvd files so i can easly burn it to my dvd disk and watch the movie in my dvd player.so i found one program that did that but it says somthing like souce could not be found or somthing then it wonts me to use a bin. file then thats where i got confused.is there a program thats free and converts .cue to mpeg 2 or 1 easy? i have 2 but i dont think they support .cue i will check on that while i wait on a reply any help is greatly apreacited

Start with a virtual CD/DVD like Daemon Tools. Install this & mount the cue/bin on this virtual drive & see the contents.

okay thanks im gonna try that out soon

okay i see the contents now what? i have no clue what to do now but here is the file list just in case you need it the first is a ext folder 2 is mpegav 3 one is segment last is vcd,