CUE sheet burning... which burn program?

I just posted the article CUE sheet burning… which burn program?.

I saw on CDR-Info the following:

The guys from CDRCue Cuesheet Editor (a prog for creating .cue files in a graphical way) have done a comparison of FireBurner, Nero, CDRWin and EAC in terms of…

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Tnx cool nfo site. i always burn my cds with cdrwin great prg for making audio cds from mp3 without a 3 sec gap in the audio.(can be done whit a simple cue file)and mixes and live sets afcourse… Most of the time i write my own cue files from scratch in notepad then its only cute and paste and fill in the new times :slight_smile: There is even a chapter in cdrwin help about it…

cdrwin rocks for cue sheets :wink: gonna read article once =)