Cue/rar files to cd

I have the sims complete collection…it has 4 rar files that i unrarred using winrar…so i have the 4 cue files (for the four seperate discs), i burned them onto a cd(4 seperate cds for each file) using nero and installed it on a seperate computer and the comp. read each seperate disk fine, and installed the program, and then when i went to run the game it said error…and it wasnt reading the disks…can someone help me please…did i burn them right? …any help would be awesome thanks!:smiley:

If you burned them using Nero and the disk was read fine…that’s confusing. What was the error name and/or code it gave you? If I’m correct about the Sims being a game, it may be a copy protection issue, because IIRC, the Sims has a certain level of SafeDisk copy protection…

what do i do if thats the case?

You can check here to see if your version of the Sims is listed and if you have the burners/equipment to make a copy successfully (and to see what version of SafeDisk is mentioned on that version–if applicable).

If that doesn’t help you, you can see Kala’s guide here to help with a software alternative (where you don’t have the burners to do it with).

[QUOTE=lucbost310;1964329]I have the sims complete collection…it has 4 rar files [/QUOTE]I seriously doubt, “the Sims” is distributed as package of RAR files :cop:

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So true, this thread should have been already closed down…

[B]@lucbost310:[/B] don’t ask for help with illegal distributions of games. I suggest you re-read the rules you signed up to, and do yourself a favour by buying the game.

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