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hey guys and gals,
im new to burning cue files and bin files. i downloaded the winXP plus pack and in the folder it had a bin file. i asked around on how to burn it so it would work. nothing worked so far. i have about 6 more coasters :mad: and it sucks. i was told i need to load the cue sheet and then burn it but i dont know how to make a cue sheet from the bin file. do you even make cue files from bin files? help me! =)

FILE “xxx.bin” BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2048
INDEX 01 00:00:00

  1. Copy the above into a new text doucument in the same folder as the .bin file.
  2. Change “xxx.bin” to the name of the bin file. Example: “Plus.bin”
  3. Save File As cd.cue
  4. Now start CDRwin and load the .cue sheet and burn.

If you get an error message change the second line to: TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
Then try loading the .cue sheet again and should be able to burn the .bin

im gonna try that now…thx alot man…i appreciate that…

You could also use ISObuster to unpack the ISO (bin) and then burn the files using Nero for example!

If it doesnt work afterward, you might have a corrupted image file. & make sure that the cue file points to the bin file.

make sure that the cue file points to the bin file.

If you create the .cue file in the same folder and change “xxx.bin” to the name of the .bin file like I had instructed to do so, the .cue does point to the .bin file! :cool:

sometimes when you dl one of the magical bins, ppl sometimes forget to look in one of the cue sheets to see what it says, I have forgotten many times. But as far asin a directory it shouldnt be a prob…

for iso’s with a cuesheet I use fireburner to birn it, works like a charm! :cool:

thx alot guys for the tips. it worked and i used the method that spineshank pointed out. thx again and i think ill use that iso buster from now on…

these forumz rox.