CUE Files



I have a cue file with an MP3.

I want to break up the one MP3 track into individual wav files.

I know I could do this using nero wave edit etc. but there must be an easier way.

Does anyone know of a program which can do it?


If you have a valid CUE file, you can open it with notepad and check that the split positions are stored there.
Use any program that loads CUE files, like Feurio, CDRWin, EAC or sometimes Nero.


Are you sure this is actually a cue file ? bin and cue files usually go together. The bin file contains the actual content and the cue file has the directions in it


Of course it is valid CUE file - cue files can contain different data-modes.

Evolva: Easiest way is to try and burn to virtual cd via Image Recorder. Then mount the CD via Image Drive and save the tracks with Nero. My Nero will freeze though if trying to burn CUE + MP3, so you first need to convert the MP3 to WAVE (with Nero), then open the CUE file with Notepad. Find the line starting with FILE (the 3rd line). It will read something like:

FILE “fileName.mp3” MP3

Change it to:

FILE “fileName.wav” WAVE

Now burn, mount, extract…
Long, though…


exact audio copy can split by cue however only on wav files
so if youll convert it to wav and edit the cue it will be easy

edit: you can use one of these without needing to convert to wavs

edit2: damn this is an old thread just looked up lol :rolleyes:


Try this

or this list of free MP3 splitters

or MPtrim