CUE Files

I have a cue file with an MP3.

I want to break up the one MP3 track into individual wav files.

I know I could do this using nero wave edit etc. but there must be an easier way.

Does anyone know of a program which can do it?

The cue file probably contains all of the index information already. That is, you won’t have to break up the mp3 file into separate components.

Does you .cue file look something like this?

PERFORMER “Martin L. Gore”
TITLE “Counterfeit 2”
FILE “Range.wav” WAVE
TITLE “In My Time of Dying”
PERFORMER “Martin L. Gore”
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE “Stardust”
PERFORMER “Martin L. Gore”
INDEX 01 04:24:43
TITLE “I Cast a Lonesome Shadow”
PERFORMER “Martin L. Gore”
INDEX 01 07:32:18
TITLE “In My Other World”
PERFORMER “Martin L. Gore”
INDEX 01 12:23:28

The key thing to look for is that there is only one “FILE” entry. This entry will usually be in wave format. The cuesheet has all the other information needed to make an audioCD with the proper pre-gaps and track information.

If this is the case, as I feel it is, all you need to do is decompress the mp3 file into a wave file using whatever software you wish. Make sure that 1) the cue file is in the same directory as the resulting wave file or 2)that the “FILE” line contains the correct path to the wave file. Finally, use Nero to burn and voila! You have an audioCD with the correct number of tracks, pre-gap information, etc.

If the cue file contains several “FILE” entries, the process may get a little more complex…