CUE file time problem

I have got a CUE file with MP3 that appears to have timecode errors in it.
I have tried a few programs (CDRWin, Nero etc) but if you look at the cue sheet, you see this line at 15:

INDEX 01 08:15:83

This is obviously a wrong timecode!? I have seen this on a few CUE sheets recently. Is there a way to fix this?

You should be able to just change it using Notepad.

Is it just a matter of changing the 83 part to 59? Is this going to affect the track join in any way?

I’m not sure what exactly you have and what you are wanting to do. Do you have 1 MP3 that has several songs in it and 1 CUE to go with it? If so, then you could change the CUE to match where that track really starts. The max number for the last field is 74.

Its one big MP3 file + CUE file. But all tried burning software fail with errors. I will try manually editing that last number.