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Ok i have asked this question kinda and got a wrong answer due to the way i asked the question. here is my problem when first creating my archive of lossless backups i started deleting the cues (please don’t ask why) and since that time i have lost 5 cds during a move but have the lossless backups without cues. it was suggested to me to use cuetools to create one and i also looked into picard to create one as well and at first i thought what these programs did was create a true cue with gaps but after looking into what the cues that these programs created looked like i knew there was problem so what i did is looked up the cheapest CD out of the 5 that i had lost (World of Morrissey by Morrissey) that could be purchased on amazon. and to my great disappointment when i ripped it with EAC the cues were totally different and the CD i bought from amazon had gaps aswell unlike the cue created by cuetools or picard. is there any program out there that can created a true cue with gaps, also the gaps are appended to the back of the previous track so i know where they are if that would help the search.

I don’t know if ImgBurn will do exactly what you want but it is worth a try.
I does have a setting for custom pregaps.
EAC is the only program I have that specifically has a setting for
"append to the back of the previous track "

I use Imgburn from time to time but i was under the impression that it was for dvd apps not ripping or writing cds? and even if it was does it create Cues or detect gaps (i know that EAC detects gaps but it won’t do it if you burned a CD without a Cue using an app like burrrn) cause the kinda program i am looking for will either detect gaps from a burned CD that was Written without a cue or even process a list of lossless tracks and created a true cue meaning one with the gaps based on the list of tracks.

I haven’t tried ImgBurn for a CD rip.I have written several with ImgBurn. I always use the zero second pregap because that’s the way I want my Audio CD’s.
I also usually use .mp3’s for several albums on one CD-R.I have used ImgBurn with .wav for Audio CD’s too & it worked fine for me.
So give it a test with a CD -RW & see if the result is what you want.As long as you have uncorrupted .wav files ImgBurn shoud create a CUE for you.

This is the Guide from the ImgBurn forum for burning an Audio CD from music files. Unless you are testing to see if you have the codecs or need to use one of the file types that ImgBurn needs a codec to use. FLAC for example.
.wav files should not be a problem.That is probably what you are using.

You might read this too;

If your lossless backups are FLAC you probably have the correct filter for that.Already on your OS.

I also use imgburn from time to time for creating CUE sheets, as suggested try it…You might look into foobar2k…Open your burned audio CD and create/backup to single lossless flac file w/embedded CUE…Load the CUE in your fav SW player or burning app…

OK i read the 2 Imgburn links and, i don’t know if i was asking wrong or what cause that is totally not what i was looking for cause i am not looking to create just any old cue i want to create one that is correct with gaps that are in the right places. i am looking for an app that can actually detect the gaps from a burned CD that was burned without gaps and either rip it or even just write me a cue OR an app that can process a list of audio files like flac, wav or whatever audio format (i am very familur with converstion apps) and create me a cue based on that or even write me a correct audio CD.

@ t0nee1 what is that a picture of cause i looked all around Foobar2k and Imgburn and can’t find that screen? Scratch that i found it but i am not sure i know how to do what you are say or that it is what i am asking for?

If your burned CD has tracks, then ImgBurn should be able to create a cue for it.

If you have installed f2k, open the audio CD and highlight all the tracks–> now right-click–>convert, and you’ll be at the Converter Setup page…If you check the 'Generate multi-track files, you’ll get an exact single file image of the disc with an embedded CUE sheet…
Open the single file in a burning app and burn it…
Or start with your original source CD and rip it properly next time…

@ olyteddy,
Which is what we’ve suggested to no avail…

@ olyteddy,
Which is what we’ve suggested to no avail…

Echoing the master…

i don’t know if there is some sort of communication problem here and i would assume that it is my fault as i don’t know all the terminology. i am trying to recreate the disc as it was bought originally or close to for lossless archive purposes by ripping a disc that was created from flac tracks with gaps appended to the previous or finding a program that can give me a cue based on a list of Audio files. this is really a question about finding the true gaps and not creating my own cue for the sake of it.

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2459850]Echoing the master…[/QUOTE]


@ mongor, perhaps this will help…

i am kinda familiar with that site already but with the set up of those cues how can you tell where the gaps are and on top of that how can there be well over 10 cues for any given album and it was a place just like that where i found the cue to burn the disc i have that isn’t correct and there are 2 ways that i know that the cues on site like that aren’t entirely correct when listening to the album it had long pauses when ripped with the Leave gaps out setting on. the other way being i bought the CD that i had lost again just to make sure what i was hearing was correct and when i did the detect gaps on EAC it had gaps unlike the burned CD

Maybe I’m not asking the right question.
Is the archived file for each CD just one large file ?
Meaning each song does not have its own file ?

let me first say i do appreciate the help and time that it takes so Thank You! here is a list of what i have

List of Flac Tracks with the gap appended to the previous track (without it’s cue cause i throw it away) (I know it’s stupid but that was a long time ago)

CD burned with Burrrn without cue just tracks
CD burned with cue Made With Cuetools
CD burned with cue Made with a program called picard (musicbrainz)

i have 4 albums like this cause as i said before i bought one of the 5 CDs again to see if those cues were wrong and i did try using cuetools (love that program) to convert a list of flac files to one file with a cue but it came out the same as far as gaps are concerned (gaps being my main concern) so it didn’t help in that way

just so you know i have burned 7 of the same CD using 7 different cues from cuemaster and 1 had the correct gaps (all of the other information is secondary) but the problem with that is i have to burn a CD just to test to see if the Cue is correct or just bunch of lines. I would really like to avoid this waste of CDs if i could.

Do you [I]really[/I] care [I]that[/I] much to burn 7 of the same CD, just to find where the gaps are?..I mean you have the lossless files right?..You can always re-rip and create the cues or get them online if you could…You have a lossless archive…That’s all that matters, AFAIC…

I don’t mean to sound too Serious but ya i do care that much but i would very much like to avoid that much waste. and i am trying to Re-rip and create cues but the re-rip is just crap as far as the cue is concerned and that is the objective of this whole thread, getting all the gaps right. quick question, and please don’t let this one take over this discussion, what is the point of the cues online if not to keep the gaps in order cause anyone can look online and get a track listing and burn a CD with that?

Well, I’m not as “Serious” as you are about CUEs, sorry!..
In your 1st post you stated that you, “lost 5 cds during a move but have the lossless backups without cues.”…Since then you’ve created dummy Cue sheets with Cuetools…Dummy b/c you can’t reproduce the layout of the original CD…You need to re-rip the original CD and create a CUE sheet when ripping…
However, since you’ve got the lossless flacs, just use them and burn a new CD with something like burrrn, which btw, you’ve stated didn’t work for you…Did you try Imgburn, btw?
I’m not an expert on Cue sheets, but I know you can create one with a script using Notepad, for instance…Good luck!

This is a short guide to using ImgBurn with .wav files to Audio CD.I could have converted them to FLAC but didn’t for this guide.I may test a conversion of the .wav files to FLAC & see if there are any major differences in the Audio CD afterwards.I think the main thing for ImgBurn to work with FLAC is to have the FLAC filter or codec.There are some different version of the FLAC codec. I did read some have some poping noise between tracs when burned back to an Audio CD.If that is a problem you have then I guess the FLAC file would need to be converted with one of the FLAC codec versions that have less of this problem.
This is done with the Highwaymen CD ripped with EAC with no .cue file.
This is the image of the files in the folder:

You can see there is no .cue.
Using ImgBurn: Mode/Write then Tools/Create CUE File .
Click on the top right ‘Browse for a file…’ button.
Highlight all the files starting with 1.

Select the open button.
If they are not in the order you want you can move them with the arrow buttons on the right.
The Create CUE file window should now look like this:

I think EAC already tagged my files but I will use the Custom here like they weren’t tagged.
Highlight Disc. Select the Custom radio button. Type in the Group in Performer then the album name in Title.
If the files were tagged you could select Session & Tag.This would do the same to all the files(songs).
Since for this I’m treating the files like they aren’t tagged .Each will be done individually.
I set the first song pregap at zero.The rest at 2 seconds or custom could be used if you knew the exact original pregaps .Or wanted them at one second for example.
This is an example:

You need to do this for each song.
Then select OK.Put the .cue file where you want it .I put mine in the Album folder.
Next in Write mode Browse for a file & select the .cue file you created.
Highlight & select Open.

ImgBurn should now be ready to Write to the CD disc from the .cue file.
You need to have your burning drive selected & speed set .

You can do a search here form some additional information on a CD.
When you find the CD you are looking for select: Disc-ID: the CD #.
This is the information for The Highwaymen for example:

xmcd CD database file

Track frame offsets:

















Disc length: 2702 seconds

Revision: 0

Processed by: cddbd v1.5.2PL0 Copyright © Steve Scherf et al.

Submitted via: CDex 1.51

DTITLE=Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings / The Highwaymen
TTITLE0=Highwayman (live)
TTITLE1=On The Road Again
TTITLE3=Jesse Younger
TTITLE4=Big River (live)
TTITLE5=Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (live)
TTITLE7=Sunday Morning Coming Down (live)
TTITLE8=Luckenbach, Texas (live)
TTITLE9=Burning Memories
TTITLE10=Help Me (live)
TTITLE11=Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight
TTITLE12=Red-Headed Stranger (live)
TTITLE13=Love Of The Common People
TTITLE14=City Of New Orleans (live)
TTITLE15=Undo The Right
EXTD= YEAR: 2003

Once again, Thank You

Ok i kinda know how to write a cue and feel pretty good about reading them and i am pretty sure that what that is, is a log (Please forgive my horrible english) one thing i am not sure is how to use it to creat a cue, but with that said looking at your post of highwaymen it looks to be a CD with a 2 second pregap and other than that it is gapless Correct?